101 TV shows everyone should watch (at least once) in their lives

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Saturday Night Live season 47
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Is Saturday Night Live worth watching?

To say that Saturday Night Live has forever altered the face of pop culture would be an understatement!

While the draw of seeing your favorite celebrities taking on crazy new characters and stepping out of their comfort zones by showing off their comedy chops, the biggest gift SNL has given us over the year is the numerous comedians who were given their big breaks on the show – allowing them to go off to become big-screen stars, headline their own television series and usher in a new era of late-night television. In addition to the countless careers the series has launched, the show is responsible for creating several beloved and memorable characters who defined their eras.

Is This Is Us worth watching?

In this raw and emotional look at relationships and family drama, we’re introduced to the Pearson family – a blended family made up of parents Jack and Rebecca and siblings Kevin, Kate and Randall.

What makes the family so special is the way in which the writers allow us to see ourselves in the various members of the family as they go through life tackling the same issues many of us deal with in our own lives. Issues such as anxiety, insecurities in our appearance, and struggles with our weight, betrayal, heartbreak, death, and much, much more. Every so many years, a series comes along that forever alters the landscape of television. This Is Us is one of those rare series.

Is Mom worth watching?

There are shows about alcohol addiction and there are shows about contentious mother-daughter relationships. And then there’s Mom, which swirls both kinds of show into one steadfast little sitcom.

Mom finds the light in the dark and the tragedy in the comedy, and never once wavers from its commitment to representing sobriety with unflinching honesty. You’ll laugh, cry, and feel thankful you aren’t on the receiving end of Bonnie’s biting sarcasm. But at the center of it all, Allison Janney and Anna Faris are an unparalleled comedic dream team we just can’t quit.

Written by Reed Gaudens

Is Doctor Who worth watching?

Few series ever manage to develop a following as large and loyal as the one Doctor Who has managed to form during its illustrious run. The pinnacle for how to master the art of time traveling in a primetime series, Doctor Who follows time-traveling scientist The Doctor as he races through time via the TARDIS to save the Earth and protect various other planets and beings with some help from his various companions.

Although few have tried, no series has been able to capitalize on the success the series has achieved through its outlook on time travel and thanks to the various incarnations of The Doctor, fans can easily jump in at the start of a new cycle without having to binge-watch all of the prior seasons to understand what’s going on in the series’ fictional world – though it most definitely helps.

Is I Love Lucy worth watching?

As far as I’m concerned, I Love Lucy was when television was truly born. Even though the series was filmed over half a century ago, it stands the test of time.

Undeniably, the show ran on the effervescent presence of comedienne Lucille Ball. Ball played Lucy Ricardo and, along with her friend Ethel Mertz, they stole the show as two scheming besties who always had each other’s backs. Their husbands, Ricky and Fred, frequently existed as foils to the female-driven plot of the show, giving viewers a peek into the aspirations and dreams of lady characters. I Love Lucy was a feminist before feminist was really even a thing.

Written by Erin Qualey