101 TV shows everyone should watch (at least once) in their lives

Game of Thrones. Image Courtesy HBO
Game of Thrones. Image Courtesy HBO /
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Impeachment: American Crime Story
Impeachment: American Crime Story — Pictured: Beanie Fieldstein as Monica Lewinsky. CR. Kurt Iswarienko/FX /

Is American Crime Story worth watching?

No one does an anthology series better than Ryan Murphy and the team over at FX! In this award-winning series, Murphy shines a light on some of the most iconic and controversial cases such as the O.J. Simpson murder trial, the murder of fashion designer Gianni Versace by serial killer Andrew Phillip Cunanan and the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Relying on real-life recollections of the events, American Crime Story beautifully recaptures each story’s most iconic moments without exploiting the individuals at the heart of each tale.

Is Family Guy worth watching?

If you’re someone who is easily offended by political, racial, or gender-based humor Family Guy may not be your cup of tea. In this animated gem, creator and star Seth MacFarlane is never afraid of taking aim at any given person or topic which is what has made the series one of the most controversial shows of all time.

While its take on and jabs at pop culture and politics are indeed one of the show’s greatest assets, it’s the series’s diverse and over-the-top family that will keep you coming back season after season.

Is Chicago Fire worth watching?

Set against the backdrop of Chicago’s Firehouse 51, Chicago Fire centers around the personal and professional lives of 51’s brave and dedicated firefighters and paramedics. The series is the perfect binge watch for those who love action and drama, never failing to keep viewers on their toes with the show’s shocking plot twists and incredible action sequences. But the action and drama are just the tip of the iceberg in this series which also never fails to also deliver passionate romantic storylines and plenty of laughter.

Is Gilligan’s Island worth watching?

If you’ve heard the theme song for this ‘60s comedy, then you have the basics of the show: a small sightseeing tour boat is marooned on a desert island leaving the boat’s small crew and its five passengers to make it by on the small island as a makeshift community.

For three seasons, the group tried time after time to make it off the island but something always seemed to go wrong with their plans – which was typically where the comedy of the series shined brightest. While there were indeed holes in the show’s plots (such as how the bevy of guest stars managed to make their way on and off the island or how their plans to escape the island were always foiled), the show’s lighthearted take on being left on a deserted island with an unlikely band of characters still delights viewers to this day.

Is Everybody Loves Raymond worth watching?

No one has the perfect family, including Ray Barone who is plagued with a crazy brother and his overbearing parents who live just across the street and always seem to drop in the most inopportune times.

His mother is the ultimate meddler, his father is always ready to make a snarky comment between raiding the fridge for leftovers, and his resentful brother is always waiting in the wings to upstage his little brother and cause a bit of trouble in his life.

Luckily, Ray’s got his strong-headed wife and his sense of humor to get him through even the craziest of days. If you don’t find fall in love with Raymond, you’re sure to relate to at least one member of his family who perfectly captures the real-life dynamics of an average family.