Canceled TV shows: 2021-2022 renewal scorecard

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Which are the canceled or renewed TV shows of 2021-2022?

Our eyes are back on the list of TV shows that could be canceled or renewed. It doesn’t matter how much we love some TV shows, there are always going to be canceled shows among the renewals. The networks need to make way for new programs to the networks, and there are only so many hours within the schedule.

For this year’s renewal scorecard, we’re only going to look at the scripted programming. Unscripted programming is a little harder to call since they don’t necessarily require big numbers in the live TV ratings. They just need to be viable for holiday programming or for summer programming when people tend not to watch live TV.

Other than that, this list is working the same way as it’s always done. We’ll assess each show with the following statements:

  • Too Soon to Tell: A series is either in the early stages of its season or has yet to premiere.
    Officially Renewed: An official renewal has been issued by the network.
  • Renewal a Sure Thing: An official renewal has not yet been issued, but is merely a formality.
  • Renewal a Safe Bet: An official renewal has not yet been issued, but ratings are strong enough to warrant a renewal.
  • Renewal Looking Likely: While a renewal could go either way, the odds are tilted slightly in the series’ favor.
  • Renewal a 50/50 Chance: A renewal could go either way (think of these as the proverbial bubble series).
  • Renewal Looking Unlikely: While a renewal could go either way, the odds are tilted slightly against the series’ favor.
  • Unofficially Canceled: An official cancellation has not been issued, but there are no plans for move forward with additional seasons.
  • Officially Canceled: An official cancellation has been issued by the network.

For the list, we tend to use the live TV ratings as a guide as to whether a show will be canceled or renewed. While this isn’t the only way a network makes a decision, it remains a big part because of the way the networks need to make money via the advertisers.

The slides are in alphabetical order, along with the list of scripted TV shows.

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