The Witcher and 5 unique must-watch shows on Netflix

The Witcher - Credit: Katalin Vermes
The Witcher - Credit: Katalin Vermes /

Netflix is the biggest streaming platform with over 250 million user accounts. There are thousands of shows and movies of various genres on the platform right now. Of all streaming services, there’s no doubt that Netflix offers the most variety.

In this post, we share with you some of the most unique and award-winning shows streaming on Netflix. The list doesn’t only feature Netflix Originals, we also includes a couple of shows from network TV that are available to stream on the platform.

Here are our 5 picks from Netflix’s huge collection

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad  is an award winning 5 season show. The show is about Walter White, a middle aged chemistry teacher who discovers that he has cancer and needs money for his family after he’s gone. He also needs money for his ongoing therapy. White comes across a former student of his, Jesse Pinkman, who was almost caught by White’s DEA brother-in-law. Jesse and Walter go on their journey to create the biggest meth empire.

The show portrays the human emotions from its characters very realistically. The actors, even for the smallest roles, gave great performances. The show has great crime, thriller, and family drama elements. Breaking Bad gave some of the most iconic and popular characters, too.


Dark is a Netflix original show set in Winden, Germany. Right from the beginning, it crowns “time” as a major element in the story. The show starts with the kidnapping of a high school student. It starts giving subtle hints to the sci-fi elements right from the start.

Dark indeed has some of the best plots in the whole sci-fi genre. The structure of the whole show is created with such complexity that it’s impossible to predict what comes next. Mostly, sci-fi movies or shows portray their sci-fi elements well, but forget about the characters. But Dark moves slow, giving time to every single characters. Even some of the really bad characters are likable because they are written so well. The show has constant tense tone with eerie music and one of the best soundtrack in all TV.

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is a spinoff series from Breaking Bad. It follows the past of a fan favorite character, Saul Goodman and his journey before the events of Breaking Bad. The show is a great crime-lawyer drama and is popular for its iconic characters as well as dark humor.

Marvel’s Daredevil — Photo credit: David Lee/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center /


Daredevil is a Netflix original based on a character from marvel comics. The show follows Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer with enhanced hearing and smelling capabilities who dresses up as a vigilante at night to save New York.

This show is still the peak of the superhero genre. The show isn’t afraid to take risks. It’s set in a very gritty Gotham like representation of New York. We get incredible performances from every actor. The show is art. It’s beautiful. Every frame is lit so gorgeously. We get a 57 minute episode about the relationship between Matt Murdock and his friend Foggy and it still makes the audience cry. The show handles emotions so perfectly. It has some of the best one take action sequences ever.

The Witcher

The Witcher is a fantasy Netflix original set in medieval period. It follows Geralt Of Rivia, a mutant who hunts down monsters for coins. But destiny is calling and waiting to be fulfilled.

The show has incredible world building and scale. The action is brilliant. The cinematography is beautiful. If you want an epic fantasy drama, this show is for you. The Witcher season 2 premieres on December 17.

Which of these shows on Netflix have you already watched? Which one will you be checking out next?

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