Why Netflix’s Daredevil is still the peak of the MCU

Marvel's Daredevil -- Photo credit: David Lee/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
Marvel's Daredevil -- Photo credit: David Lee/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

MCU’s Kevin Feige recently confirmed that Charlie Cox’s Daredevil will definitely be a part of the MCU soon. It’s now the perfect time to revisit the peak of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Daredevil has a lot of acclaim, but a lot of its aspects remain underrated. It’s one of the few superhero shows where human emotion is an important part. In this post, we list eight main reasons why Daredevil is still the best Marvel project and arguably one of the best pieces of superhero media overall.

Why Netflix’s Daredevil is still the best MCU project

1. Daredevil features some of the best MCU action

Action is usually the least important aspect of a movie or a show, but when it’s a part of the project, it should be done well. The stunt team of this show were able to do action sequences perfectly every time, from low level thugs to the levels of Frank Castle and Kingpin. The show features some of the best hand-to-hand action sequences. The hallway fight scenes are considered legendary. The action sequences were one of the major reasons the show got that much critical acclaim.

2. The portrayal of powers in Daredevil

Now, the enhanced hearing and smelling capabilities of Daredevil are very superficial, but the execution never felt cliche. In fact, it felt very real. The subtle changes in focus when he’s trying to listen and the sound design, it’s done perfectly.Matt Murdock can figure out if a person is lying through changes in heartbeat and can smell everything distinctively. Executing that is difficult without making it cliche, but they did it.

Daredevil, Netflix
Marvel’s Daredevil — Photo credit: David Lee/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

3. The tone and cinematography in Daredevil

The show is set in a Gotham-like portrayal of New York, so most of the show takes place at night, so setting the lighting to fit the shot is difficult. Every frame of this show is lit so gorgeously, every set is designed perfectly, you can teach a filmmaking class about the cinematography and lighting from Daredevil. The color grading fits the tone. It’s feels dark and it’s consistent. The cinematography in this show is a cinematic achievement for Marvel specially the camera movement for action sequences.

4. Daredevil’s realism

This show has the perfect balance of realism and fantasy that a live action version of a comic book character needs. Most of Daredevil’s powers are obviously not realistic, but somehow everything else in the show is so grounded and realistic, from the media, the character emotions, the politics in the background and the relationship between characters.

5. The structure and storylines in Daredevil

The show is slow-paced and we get enough backstory for almost each main character. Those storylines are added in the main storyline without feeling extra. The Frank Castle storyline, the Stick story, and even Elektra’s background and the Defenders all feel like an important part of the show.

6. Daredevil’s characters and performances

All these characters are unique and somehow likable, even though a lot of them shouldn’t be. Wilson Fisk kills people on a daily basis, smashed his father’s head with a hammer, too (that was kinda deserved)! But we want Fisk to end up with Vanessa. Matt Murdock is a stubborn character who made a lot of bad choices, tried to push all his friends away even though he did it for their safety while Foggy and Karen wanted to work together. We still like them because they are portrayed so well. It feels like watching real people interact and form relationships. Ben Urich still remains the standout from season 1. Charlie Cox portrayed the role of the blind Catholic Lawyer who likes to beat up criminals at night, so well that most of Daredevil fans can’t even imagine someone else playing that role.

Marvel’s Daredevil — Photo credit: David Lee/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center
Marvel’s Daredevil — Photo credit: David Lee/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

7. Daredevil’s backstories

Daredevil gave even the villains enough time. We get glimpse at Wilson Fisk’s troubled childhood including the part he had to murder his father. Then Matt Murdock’s past and the problems he faced growing up. Karen’s backstory about her being a drug addict and being that normal Young person who thinks they can make a difference easily. Did I mention we got a 57 minute episode in a superhero show with no action. Just about relationship between a blind lawyer and his friend. While in the flashbacks when they were at the peak of their friendship opposite of the present of them getting apart. That episode features some incredible performance and very real dialogues from characters that still makes audience cry.

8. Daredevil villains

The series had some of the best villains of all time. Vincent D’Onofrio did an amazing job as Kingpin. The show also set up an anti-hero Punisher, who ended up getting a solo series. There was that one scene between Daredevil and Punisher that justifies his no-killing rule better than any Batman media. Though neither of them are 100% correct, the rule feels like a choice and not forced on character.

Every episode of Daredevil can be dissected and talked about endlessly and the list of things it accomplishes might not end easily, but that’s it for this article. We will see Charlie Cox back again, how and when is still a mystery. He is heavily rumored to be in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but nothing is official yet.

When do you think Daredevil will be introduced in MCU?

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