Spider-Man movies: Ranking every Spider-Man movie before No Way Home

Spider-Man from Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME.
Spider-Man from Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME. /
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7. The Amazing Spider-Man

I know there has recently been a resurgence for Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, but I will honestly say I always liked him in the role. I definitely think, like most do, his Peter Parker might have been a little too cool, but his Spider-Man was as perfect as you could possibly get.

What really made this film work, and what made the sequel work as well, was the introduction of Gwen Stacy – played beautifully by Emma Stone. Stacy was a good move on from Mary Jane, who had just been done in the Tobey Maguire trilogy. Stacy brought a different love interest to the story, and her and Andrew Garfield’s chemistry could not have been more spot on.

However, what the film did bring back was the death of Uncle Ben. Instead of just having Uncle Ben get killed, they created a whole underground crime scene that halted a large portion of the film. This Uncle Ben storyline just wasn’t as impactful as the one in Spider-Man, and after Spider-Man 3, which came out only 5 years prior, re-opened the Ben storyline, it just felt like an overabundance of this particular story.

The Lizard was also one of the more lackluster villains of any Spider-Man movie, however, the final fight, and everything that led to it, was truly exciting and engaging. Andrew and Emma carry this film, and Andrew in particular brings so much to the character of Spider-Man that we had never seen before; making this a fun and enjoyable Spider-Man film.