The Shrink Next Door and the 9 best Apple TV+ shows and movies of 2021

The Tragedy of Macbeth, image courtesy A24
The Tragedy of Macbeth, image courtesy A24 /
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CODA movie
Coda, an Apple TV+ Original, photo courtesy Apple TV+ /

Swan Song

Ever so often, we have an original film that challenges us in a new way to think, and Swan Song forces us to answer the question of “Would we sacrifice ourselves for our loved ones to get them more time with ourselves.”

Benjamin Clearly had a vision that was unique and fresh, but his script was oh so powerful, but how Marheshla Ali brings to life his character in Cameron is nothing short of remarkable. Ali knows how to grab ahold of your attention and never let go. Within the dual role filled with heart, laughter, and charm, Ali gives us one of the year’s best performances.

Naomi Harris is brilliant as Marhershla’s counterpart as Poppy, his wife. I thought she shared a beautiful sense of empathy and heart needed to give the viewer something to latch onto. Both Glenn Close and Awkwafina are fantastic assets to the film with their roles. The film is also a technical knock out including a beautiful score by Jay Wadley.

While the film has some issues, it is still an overall beautiful film.


Coda is a popular pick amongst the crowd for best movie of the year and while I don’t share that same sentiment, I think the film is really good. This is the second consecutive year we have seen a moving film about the deaf community (Sound of Metal), and what has made them even better is watching those in that community get to play these roles.

Emilia Jones’s performance as Ruby is excellent, but Eugenio Derbez stole the show for me. He played Bernardo, Ruby’s music teacher. Derbez was the perfect person to help Ruby find herself and break out of her shell. Bernardo forces Ruby to utilize her circumstances to her advantage and props herself up within them.

Coda is a delightful little movie that, if you haven’t watched, I would have the tissues ready for one particular gut wrenching scene between Ruby and her dad by the truck.