Is The Tender Bar movie going to stream online? Is it on HBO Max or Prime Video?

Say what you want about Ben Affleck as a person, but he is a brilliant actor and he proves this again and again, most recently in The Tender Bar. Where can you stream the movie online? Is it only in theaters or a streaming platform such as HBO Max? Here’s what we know!

From The Last Duel to The Way Back, Affleck has been on a roll! In The Tender Bar, the actor plays Uncle Charlie, who becomes the father figure to 9-year-old JR. Now, Charlie may not be the wisest man in the room, he may even need to do some growing up himself, but the self-educated bartender is loving and kind.

So whether the story and trailer have captured your attention or you’re simple a fan of Ben Affleck’s, here’s where you can watch the movie.

Is The Tender Bar streaming on HBO Max?

The streaming platform HBO Max was my first guess because this is where most big features land. HBO Max is packed with great movies, but The Tender Bar is not one of them.

Where can you stream The Tender Bar online?

At the time of this writing, the movie has not been released. It’s getting a very limited theater release on Dec. 17, 2021. Then, on Dec. 22, 2021, the movie will become available in more theaters — but no streaming service yet!

It’s not until Jan. 7, 2022, that you’ll find this movie online. And the streaming service that has rights to it is Prime Video. That’s right, I would have guessed Peacock or Apple TV+ for The Tender Bar‘s home, but it’s Prime Video who will stream it two weeks after its theater release.

While you wait, there are plenty of other movies to watch! Spider-Man: No Way Home is in theaters on Dec. 17, Boxing Day and Christmas is Canceled arrive on Prime Video this weekend, too. What will you be watching?

When The Tender Bar is out, will you go to theaters to watch it or wait for the streaming release?