Insecure season 5 spoilers: Do Issa and Nathan get back together?

Insecure season 5
Insecure season 5 /

Insecure season 5’s final episode, titled “Everything Gonna Be, Okay?!,” has officially premiered on HBO Max and this series finale left us with tons of questions about who ends up with who and why certain relationships just couldn’t seem to find their groove.

Our main highlight this season was Issa’s adorable relationship with her boo Nathan, an ex-boyfriend who previously ghosted her years back. Fortunately, the two let bygones be bygones and decided to pick up their relationship from where it left off. But with how things progressed in episode 9, will they be able to, once again, sweep things under the rug or have they finally reached their breaking point?

Do Issa and Nathan break up?

Unfortunately, this time, Nathan couldn’t weather the storm. Deciding to end his long-term relationship with Issa shortly after his fight with Issa’s ex-boyfriend Lawrence took place at Tiffany’s going away party.

Though it was the delivering blow, the fight between Nathan and Lawrence was only a catalyst for Nathan’s decision as he always struggled with his wavering emotions towards Issa and even had great difficulty saying “I love you” back to Issa when the relationship started to become rather serious. The fight only compelled him to do what he already believed was inevitable, hence why, despite Issa’s plea to work things out, Nathan decided that fighting for Issa wasn’t worth the stress, letting her go for the second and final time.

Like Issa, fans couldn’t believe that the relationship came to an end after such a small misunderstanding and hoped that someday down the road, Nathan would sweep her back off of her feet. However, much to both fans and Issa’s disappointment, Nathan made his way back into Issa’s life months later only to express that he has no regrets about how things ended.

Issa was able to somehow move on from the failed relationship, but, as Nathan was truly one of the loves of her life, it was hard for her to completely fall in love, her depression towards her breakup sabotaging both her self-esteem and her relationships. Thankfully, this didn’t last too long.

We were comforted by the knowledge that her failure with Nathan only led her closer to her receiving her true happy ending with her soulmate, leaving us with an Insecure series finale that was both bitter and, of course, really sweet.

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