6 great Netflix movies to watch on New Year’s Eve 2021

Waiting for the ball to drop? Just want to skip it altogether? Here are six great Netflix movies to check out on New Year’s Eve 2021.

There are all sorts of feelings to be felt this New Year’s Eve. The year has been better than 2020, but things still aren’t back to normal. That will mean wanting to skip a lot of the programs that look back over the year.

Netflix has you covered. There are some great Netflix movies to watch throughout the night, whether you’re in the mood for a dystopian movie, a comedy, or something in between.

6 must-watch Netflix movies on New Year’s Eve 2021

This list is in alphabetical order because it’s just impossible to compare the various genres.

About Time

We start with a romantic fantasy called About Time. Rachel McAdams will win your hearts again as Mary, a woman Domhall Gleeson’s Tim Lake meets and falls in love with. Tim finds out that the men in his family can time travel, so he looks for ways to improve his life by getting a girlfriend: Mary.

He uses time travel to win her heart. However, one thing he realizes is that life will always happen, and there are some things that Tim can’t protect people from or always prevent.

Death to 2021

Writers tried to find a way to make us laugh about 2020. The same has happened with 2021. We get a follow-up to Death in 2020. Diane Morgan is back in Death in 2021, and she shares what she’s been up to during lockdown to beat the loneliness.

There are a few other fictional characters who give us a darkly humorous look at the year. When you just need to laugh about the current situation, this is the special for you. Yes, we’re classing it as a movie.

Don’t Look Up

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence star together in this comedic apocalypse movie,. They are two low-level astronomers who realize that there’s a comet approaching that is going to destroy the planet. They need to get on a giant media tour to warn the entire planet of the problem.

You just know that not everyone is going to believe them in Don’t Look Up. Then there are those who won’t believe them. There are others who will rely on them to have all the answers.


There is one movie from last year that you’ll want to put on again this year. It’s all about Holidate. Emma Roberts gets her chance to shine in this movie that covers multiple holidays throughout the year.

Two single people struggle with the holidays because their families expect them to bring dates. So, they decide to be each others’ dates but only in a platonic way. You know how that is going to turn into something more.


There are a lot of dystopian future movies available to watch. Snowpiercer is a firm favorite, and one to check out every winter. After all, the movie will make you feel like it’s in the middle of a freeze whenever the train passengers look out the window!

The movie follows a group of train passengers onboard the train Snowpiercer. They’re the last remaining humans in a world where there’s been a deep freeze. The Tailies, stowaways on the train, decide it’s time to revolt and work their way forward to the engine to find out all the secrets.

The Lost Daughter

If you love Olivia Colman, the last of the Netflix movies is going to be for you. She plays who heads on a vacation to escape everything in her life. However, you can’t always escape your past, and she soon realizes that her past is catching up to her.

This movie is going to be released on New Year’s Eve. You’ll not find it yet, but add the title to your reminders so you can easily find it.

Which Netflix movies are you watching on New Year’s Eve? Share your top picks in the comments below.