Charmed Season 4 is not coming to The CW in January 2022

The wait continues for Charmed Season 4. It is not on the list of premieres on The CW in January 2022. We do know when it will premiere, though.

While we know the Charmed Season 4 premiere date, it didn’t stop us checking for any sign that the show may arrive earlier than planned. After all, the pandemic is causing a lot of changes. You never know if The CW will need to make a change.

That’s not the case, though. We’re still waiting for the return of the magical series focused on three witchy sisters. The good news is we at least know when the show will return to our screens.

Charmed Season 4 premiere date on The CW

There isn’t too much longer to wait. Charmed Season 4 will premiere on Friday, March 11. It will continue to air in the 8/7c timeslot that has worked well for it.

Sure, the series is one of the least-watched CW shows, but it airs on a Friday. The CW expects low ratings on a Friday because a lot of people will record and then watch the following day. With The CW App, it’s very easy for fans to watch over the weekend.

It will be followed by new episodes of Dynasty. After a two-episode opener in December, the soap drama will return with the rest of its fifth season on March 11.

There is a new update on Charmed Season 4. According to Variety, Kapil Talwalkar will join the series. Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist fans will recognize him as Tobin, and now he’s coming into the magical world of Charmed.

He’ll play Dev in a recurring role, who is a magical creature known as a Gandharva. This creature is based on the mythical and celestial being found in Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Charmed Season 4 will premiere on Friday, March 11 at 8/7c on The CW. Catch up on the previous three seasons on Netflix.