Meghan King breaks silence on reported reason for split from husband Cuffe Owens

The Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan King is one of the many celebrities ending a relationship this year. The 37-year-old unfortunately just split from her husband Cuffe Owens, and is now opening up on how she’s feeling.

As for why Meghan and Cuffe decided to call it quits, there were reports circulating that claimed they were dealing with a long-distance relationship. An E! News article made its rounds this week, saying that because the two were living in different states, they broke things off. “It had to do with distance,” an insider told them. “Meghan cannot uproot the children from where they currently live and he lives and works in California.”

However, the mom-of-three was quick to debunk that, telling Page Six, “Cuffe lived with me. We didn’t have any distance.” She added:

“We lived together every day since the day we met. There was no Cali/MO distance. There was zero long distance whatsoever.”

Meghan also opened up on the end of her marriage via an Instagram Story on Monday, saying:

“I’ve been asked by many outlets and individuals to comment on the state of my marriage. I am rattled. This situation is profoundly devastating. This is obviously not what I imagined when I made my vows—and I’m shocked and saddened by the way things turned out. At this time I ask for your grace and gentle kindness, as I navigate this labyrinth of grief with my family.”

Meghan and Cuffe’s split came as a surprise to some, considering they only got married in October of this year. Despite the short time together, however, others saw it coming. Even Meghan’s former co-star Tamra Judge admitted she was “not shocked” over the breakup, but noted she does “feel bad” about it, according to People Magazine.

Since Meghan and Cuffe’s breakup, the reality star has been updating her fans on Instagram, with a recent post showing her getting real about her anxiety and depression. Her followers admired her strength and sent her lots of live.

And apart from Instagram posts, Meghan recently made a change to her page that marks the end to her marriage. As reported by Us Weekly, the celeb removed the “wife” from her bio. This comes after she removed the “Owens” from her name on the platform. Of course, in the grand scheme of things these two moves are very small, but when it comes to social media, they speak volumes.

Whatever happened between Meghan and Cuffe is unfortunate, and we wish the reality star all the best moving forward.