Station 19 will not return with new episodes in January 2022

Shows are heading back to air after the winter break, but that’s not the case with everything. Station 19 will not return with new episodes this month.

We double-checked the list of shows coming back to ABC in January 2022, and there’s bad news when it comes to our favorite firefighter drama. Station 19 is not on the list. In fact, the entire TGIT lineup isn’t returning.

Instead of the usual on TGIT, we’re getting a new limited series. Women of the Movement starts tonight, Thursday, Jan. 6. It will run throughout January and is certainly more than worth watching. It’s a worthy series in place of Station 19.

Why isn’t Station 19 back in January 2022?

ABC has planned its schedule with a few things in mind. One of those is the pandemic to make sure the cast and crew of Station 19 got some time off. This is why the limited series is running instead.

Another is due to the Winter Olympics. While they do air on NBC rather than ABC, the live ratings for scripted shows are expected to drop. They tend to when it comes to live sporting events. ABC won’t risk its big shows at this time. So, the best thing to do is hold off new episodes until after the Olympics.

When will Station 19 return in 2022?

We don’t have to wait too long. We’re at least not waiting as long as 911 fans will wait for the return of that show. Station 19 is back on Thursday, Feb. 24, 2022.

The new episode will be the first of a two-hour crossover event with Grey’s Anatomy. It picks up off the back of the Grey’s winter finale, which may see the death of Owen Hunt. The firefighters will need to get to the bottom of a cliff where the car Owen was in went over. Will they get to him alive? We hope so!

We are going to share a word of caution. Station 19 may not return on time. Production has halted due to the pandemic. Right now, it shouldn’t affect the scheduled air dates, but it will depend on how long the production shut down goes on.

Station 19 returns with all-new episodes on Thursday, Feb. 24. Catch up on the series on Hulu.