Dexter: New Blood spoilers: Does Dexter die in the finale? (Ending explained)

We’ve made it to another huge finale, Dexter stans! Though the final episode of the original run in season 8 disappointed many, the recent revival had fans hopeful they would get a redeeming ending to the vigilante killer we all know and love. Now that the Dexter: New Blood finale is out, you might have a ton of questions before tuning in. Will there be another season? And does Dexter finally get caught?

We tell you everything you need to know about the Dexter: New Blood ending right here.

Spoilers ahead for the Dexter: New Blood finale.

When the revival was announced, no one knew if there would be multiple seasons or if this would live as a standalone. Up until the finale, even, fans were still guessing. When it comes to Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) — or Jim Lindsay, how he goes in the revival — there’s no telling what’ll happen. If this would only be one season, however, I’d predict he’d get caught and go to jail or he’d die. Given people were so mad about the original show’s ending, which saw Dexter getting away, the new series would need to conclude differently.

What happens to Dexter in the New Blood finale?

If you thought Dexter would either get caught or killed in the New Blood finale (or both), you’d be correct. In the final episode, titled “Sins of the Father,” Dexter is shot and killed by his own son Harrison (Jack Alcott).

Though many might’ve seen Dexter’s death coming, it was certainly shocking that Harrison would be the one to do the deed. The episode overall was pretty surprising, with Dexter’s girlfriend Police Chief Angela (Julia Jones) finally realizing that Dexter was a serial killer.

She arrested him for the murder of Matt Caldwell (Steve M. Robertson) and put him behind bars. She also officially connected him with the Bay Harbor Butcher, calling up Angel Batista (David Zayas) from Miami Metro and asking him to come up to New York.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Batista make it to New York, because though Angela had her evidence, Dexter still distracted her by sending her to Kurt Caldwell’s (Clancy Brown) cabin to find the bodies of all the missing women.

During this time, Dexter broke out of his jail cell, murdering an innocent Logan (Alano Miller) in the process. He then reunited with Harrison and they shared a special moment. Just as audiences were starting to catch on to what was about to happen, Dexter and Harrison realized the only way they’d get out of the situation would be by Dexter dying.

Dexter: New Blood

(L-R): Michael C. Hall as Dexter and Jack Alcott as Harrison in DEXTER: NEW BLOOD, “Sins of the Father”. Photo Credit: Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME.

Dexter instructed Harrison on how to shoot him, and he did. Angela then showed up and helped Harrison skip town before more people got there.

Although Dexter: New Blood ends on a definitive note, there’s still questions about Harrison’s future. Writer Scott Reynolds has already teased that there will be an “exciting” announcement about the show coming up on Monday, and fans are speculating a spin-off show following Harrison could be in the works.

We’ll keep you updated on everything we know about the future of the Dexter series here at Hidden Remote! RIP Dexter Morgan, you will truly be missed by fans everywhere.