Is a new episode of 4400 on tonight? (January 10)

After taking a break for the holidays, a lot of TV shows are returning. What about 4400? Is the new CW series back tonight?

There are a few shows that we’re waiting to see return. The CW tends to be the slowest of the lot in January, and that’s not different in 2022. The delay isn’t really pandemic-related but more just about when it makes the best sense for the network.

4400 won’t air a new episode tonight. There is a bit of good news, though. We will at least get  rerun of the series. We’ll get a rerun of the second episode of the series. This is an interesting choice considering there isn’t long left to wait for the show’s return.

When does 4400 return with new episodes?

If you were worried about waiting until February like we have to for All American, there is some good news. 4400 is returning this month.

In fact, there will be a new episode on next Monday, Jan. 17. The series won’t be accompanied by All American. Instead, it’s going to follow the pilot episode of the new superhero series Naomi.

When 4400 does return, we’ll pick up off the back of the events of the fall finale. Mildred’s actions have led to the time travelers being put in danger. This one action has meant that the government can enact the conservatorship clauses, and Shanice is worried about what that means for her friends who signed the contracts.

Rev has learned he has a new ability, and he’s confused by it. What does it mean when it comes to the other members of the 4400? Will he use it for good?

Meanwhile, people want to know where LaDonna is. She went off in search for her father, but nobody has heard from her since. Where is she, and is she in danger?

4400 returns with an all-new episode on Monday, Jan. 17 at 9/8c on The CW. Catch up on the series on The CW App.