Is Station 19 renewed for Season 6?

ABC is making decisions about the future of various shows. First it was Grey’s Anatomy. Now we know about the future of Station 19.

When we learned that Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 was happening, we expected to learn all about its spin-off Station 19 shortly after. The two shows go hand-in-hand, with plenty of crossover material between them.

The decision came just a day later, and we’re not surprised by the decision one bit. Here’s what we know about the future of Station 19.

Is Season 6 of Station 19 happening?

Yes, it was good news that arrived. TVLine has confirmed that Station 19 Season 6 will happen.

The renewal wasn’t surprising. This is one of the top dramas on the network. Of course ABC was going to renew it, especially after its parent show was renewed. It would have been silly not to renew it.

With Krista Vernoff inking a new deal with ABC, the renewal also isn’t surprising.

When does Station 19 Season 6 start?

We don’t yet have a premiere date for the series. We expect it in the fall of 2022. We’ve seen previous seasons premiere in the fall. There have been a couple of seasons held, but the first season was due to not knowing how it would perform and the third was due to Krista Vernoff taking over as showrunner while running Grey’s Anatomy and figuring out the balance.

The fall premiere with Grey’s Anatomy makes the most sense. It allows for more of these crossovers that are pretty natural within the world of hospitals and first responders.

The early pickup does mean that the writers can get to work right away. There will still be some work on the Season 5 episodes, so there may be some changes to allow for a big cliffhanger that we know we’ll get answers to in the Season 6 premiere.

The renewal scorecard has been updated to reflect the recent renewals.

Station 19 Season 5 returns on Feb. 24 at 8/7c ABC. Catch up on Hulu.