Who died in New Amsterdam Season 4, Episode 13?

We went into New Amsterdam Season 4, Episode 13 knowing that someone was going to die. Who would it be in the end, and what does this death mean for the characters?

The promo made it clear that there would be an emotional goodbye. What we didn’t know is who would end up dying. There were fears that the show would bring Casey back just to kill him off, but thankfully, that’s not the way the writing went.

In the promo, we saw Helen receive some bad news. That led to theories that it would be her mom. However, that wasn’t the case either. The death involved someone in New York, and it will bring our two London-based doctors back home.

Vijay Kapoor died off-screen on New Amsterdam Season 4, Episode 13

We lost a doctor who had left the series during Season 3. Helen initially received the news via a phone call, but it was toward the end that we got the details. Ella showed up to speak to Iggy, and it was immediately clear what had happened.

“It’s Vijay. He…” That was all she had to say and Iggy knew what had happened based on the look on her face.

Kapoor’s exit was written in at the start of the third season. He’d caught COVID (which was originally going to be a super flu and the episode was set to air in March 2020 but it was held and reworked due to the pandemic) and he was placed on a vent. Things were touch and go for a while, but he did wake up and he was able to go home.

However, he didn’t return to the hospital. Ella shared that Vijay wasn’t able to come back to the hospital.

The exit was due to personal reasons for actor Anupam Kher. Writing in the death just makes it clear that Kher isn’t planning on coming back and this brought some sort of closure, even if it was in a devastating way.

Helen and Max flew back to New York. Will they stay or will they head back to London? That’s something we’ll have to see about.

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