Is a new episode of Station 19 on tonight? (January 20)

We’re ready for our favorite TGIT lineup starting with Station 19. Wait, what’s going on with the schedule tonight, Thursday, Jan. 20?

Thursday nights are all about TGIT. Sadly, that’s not the case right now. Well, it is TGIT but not the regular lineup.

There isn’t a new episode of Station 19 Season 5 tonight. Nor is there a rerun. ABC will air the two-and-a-half-hour finale of Women of the Movement tonight and will follow it with a half-hour episode of Let the World See.

When will Station 19 return with new episodes?

We knew going into the winter break that it would be a long one. There isn’t a new episode of Station 19 throughout January 2022. This was planned, and partly due to the pandemic.

Like in 2021, ABC has opted to make the winter break a little longer than normal. It gives the shows time to film new episodes instead of bringing the show back only to have an on-off schedule until the final. CBS and NBC show fans will know the frustration of that!

The break is also linked to the Winter Olympics. While they will air on NBC, ABC isn’t going to compete for the views. Sports will always win, especially something like the Winter Olympics. It’s best to put on reruns or special programming instead. We will get to see Station 19 return with new episodes on Thursday, Feb. 24.

We have had some good news while we wait. Station 19 Season 6 is officially happening. The new season will be part of the fall 2022 season and will be joined by a new season of Grey’s Anatomy. We can expect more crossovers between the two shows.

Station 19 airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC and will return with new episodes on Thursday, Feb. 24. Catch up on the season via Hulu.