Why are And Just Like That fans demanding justice for Steve?

Cynthia Nixon as “Miranda Hobbes,” Sarah Jessica Parker as “Carrie Bradshaw,” Kristin Davis as “Charlotte York.” in And Just Like That - Courtesy of HBO Max
Cynthia Nixon as “Miranda Hobbes,” Sarah Jessica Parker as “Carrie Bradshaw,” Kristin Davis as “Charlotte York.” in And Just Like That - Courtesy of HBO Max /

For Sex and the City and And Just Like That fans alike, things have gone from bad to worse when it comes to Steve Brady (David Eigenberg), the beloved bartender from Queens that is getting thrown around like a rag doll in the SATC reboot on HBO Max.

Fans of the original show followed Steve’s story for five seasons and two movies, after he was first introduced during season 2, episode 8, “The Man, The Myth, The Viagra.” Over the years, Steve was quick to win over the hearts of many with his utter devotion to reluctant girlfriend, and eventual wife, Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon). While every character had their set of flaws, Steve was a gem for his genuine kindness towards everyone.

The original series, directed by Michael Patrick King (2 Broke Girls), followed the never dull love lives of freelance writer, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), lawyer, Miranda Hobbes, public relations professional, Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall), and museum curator Charlotte York (Kristin Davis). These best gal pals would dish about their relationships for Carrie to use in her “Sex and the City” column for the New York Star. What Miranda thought would merely be a one night stand turned out to be one of the first moments of many that she would share with Steve. For years, audiences watched as the two learned, grew, and drew from each other to form a strong bond. Then, for many fans, And Just Like That decided to blow it all up.

Why are fans defending Steve in And Just Like That?

And Just Like That made short work to tear apart everything that Miranda and Steve worked so hard for throughout the years—-including their marriage. When it comes to the main culprit for this deed, most people are pointing at one particular podcast host, Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez). It’s no secret at this point that audiences aren’t exactly fans of the series’ first non-binary character that’s also Miranda’s new obsession, but it’s not about gender identity.

In And Just Like That, Miranda is looking to try new things, like going back to school, going gray and, exploring queerness. This new character arc for her is a surprise for some, but long awaited for others. The critique of her newfound affection for Che isn’t about exploring sexuality, it’s about how she treats Steve in the process.

Miranda not only has an affair with Che, after being so adamant about fidelity in Sex and the City: The Movie, but keeps it a secret until she decides to ask for a divorce after being married to Steve for about 20 years. After enduring so many daunting stages of their marriage, Steve explains that he’s happy with their current peaceful marriage. However, Miranda sees it as not enough.

She tells Steve, “This isn’t enough for me. I want more. More everything—more connection, more energy, more sex, more me. More, Steve. More.”

He proceeds to reflect on their entire relationship, explaining that Miranda has never thought he was good enough for her even after everything he put into their relationship. Despite Miranda’s resign to end things, Steve voices that he is still devoted to her as he recites the vow, “til death do us part” in episode 8.

This crushed fans enough to start a social media movement using #JusticeforSteve and #AndJustLikeThat, which continues to trend on Twitter and other social media sites.

One fan Tweeted, “Steve’s speech broke my heart into million pieces. He deserves so much more (crying face) #AndJustLikeThat.” While other fans are quick to come to his defense and reassure him that he’s, in fact, good enough for Miranda.

The Tweets continue to pour in as people complain to the writers over this plot decision and express that it’s ruined one of the series’ best relationships and created a strong dislike for Miranda. As the Season progresses, things don’t seem like they’re going to get any smoother for Steve, as Miranda flocks to Che over her husband and family.

In fact, some people have mentally blocked out this turn of events completely, choosing only to remember the love story in the original show. It would seem that the new show is casting a dark cloud over both new and seasoned fans.

New episodes of And Just Like That arrive on HBO Max every Thursday at midnight PT/ 3 a.m. ET.

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