5 TV characters who hate Valentine’s Day as much as you do

Marvel's Jessica Jones season 3, photo via Netflix Media Center
Marvel's Jessica Jones season 3, photo via Netflix Media Center /

Valentine’s Day is here, a holiday that you either love or hate! If you’re not a fan of February 14, you’re not alone. Here are five TV characters who absolutely can’t stand it.

There are those who love Valentine’s Day and can’t wait for the day to arrive to celebrate with their significant others, and then there are those who dread the day! If the latter sounds like you, you’ll probably relate to the following five TV characters who also have strong feelings about Valentine’s Day.

Whether you are spending the holiday alone and can’t stand all the romance that surrounds the day or you simply hate “corporate holidays,” you can at least look forward to Feb. 15. Why? Not only will you have survived another Valentine’s Day, but all the chocolate and candy at stores will be on sale! And who doesn’t love that?

5 TV characters who hate Valentine’s Day

#5 Dwight, The Office

Dwight has outsmarted all couples who make last-minute Valentine’s Day plans. In The Office episode “Valentine’s Day,” he cleverly, and very proudly, reveals his plans to make restaurant reservations to sell to last-minute couples. We’re ranking Dwight at number five because even if he’s not the biggest fan of the holiday, Valentine’s Day is still making him money, so he can’t complain too much.

#4 April, Parks and Recreation

It’s no secret April hates Valentine’s Day. She hates everything. Even people.

Jessica Jones
Photo Credit: Marvel’s Jessica Jones/Netflix, Image Acquired by VanDAM Netflix /

#3 Jessica Jones, Jessica Jones

While Jessica Jones hasn’t specifically said she hates the holiday, it’s not tough to guess if you watch the show and know how cold and sarcastic Jessica is. Do you really see her looking forward to the day and receiving a bouquet of roses? I don’t think so.

#2 Lisa Simpson, The Simpsons

Our favorite little feminist, Lisa Simpson, is kind and loving, but she doesn’t NEED Feb. 14 to feel special, she sees right through this corporate holiday exactly for what it is!

#1 Robin, How I Met Your Mother

There are those who don’t like Feb. 14 and then there’s How I Met Your Mother‘s Robin, who goes as far as to protest the day with her fellow single lady friends.

How do you feel about this holiday? If you’re not a fan, which character above do you relate to the most? Or are you the complete opposite and can’t wait to take in all the love? 

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