Transplant Season 2: Hamza Haq and John Hannah tease what’s next

TRANSPLANT -- "The Only Way Out Is Through" Episode 113 -- Pictured: (l-r) John Hannah as Dr. Jed Bishop, Hamza Haq as Dr. Bashir "Bash" Hamed -- (Photo by: Yan Turcotte/Sphere Media/CTV/NBC)
TRANSPLANT -- "The Only Way Out Is Through" Episode 113 -- Pictured: (l-r) John Hannah as Dr. Jed Bishop, Hamza Haq as Dr. Bashir "Bash" Hamed -- (Photo by: Yan Turcotte/Sphere Media/CTV/NBC) /

The first season left us with a lot of questions. It’s almost time to get answers in the Transplant Season 2 premiere. Hamza Haq and John Hannah tease what’s to come in the new season.

We certainly left some of our favorite characters in questionable predicaments. Right now, we’re not even sure if John Hannah’s Dr. Jed Bishop will wake up. Of course, with Hannah being available for interviews for the season, we can certainly assume that he will be back.

That’s something I brought up in the exclusive interview with both Hannah and Haq to talk about Transplant Season 2, and Hannah went into what we can expect in the new season. There’s an acting head of the hospital around, Dr. Novak, and he certainly has a bone to pick with Bishop. He wants that job, so there will be trouble.

Novak isn’t just going to cause trouble for Bishop. Haq’s Bash is put in a dangerous situation. Remember that Bishop lied about receiving the transcripts, and Novak has experience in working in dangerous countries due to his time in Doctors Without Borders. Will the lie catch up on Bash and Bishop?

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Transplant is a very Canadian series

Something else we discussed was that Transplant stands out from the various other medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Doctor. It is a very Canadian series, but what exactly makes it stand out in that way?

Both Haq and Hannah had an answer for this (and it turns out that it’s what drew both of them to the series in the first place). It’s the focus on Syrian refugees. Canada quickly welcomed Syrian refugees into the country when the crisis first started, but that doesn’t mean it’s been an easy road for them.

Another element is the talk of cost. There isn’t really that because of the way the Canadian medical system is set up. Undocumented people can come into the hospital and not worry about cost or not being seen. The hospital will take on that cost for them. You’d never see that in an American medical drama (except maybe New Amsterdam and now The Resident as they’re public hospitals).

Who is the woman in Transplant Season 2?

At the end of Transplant Season 1, Bash and Amira ran into a familiar face. There’s a woman from their past, a woman they both believed to be dead.

Haq teased what’s to come there. This woman is definitely an important person from Bash’s past, and she is going to make things complicated for Bash and Mags (what ship name do you prefer? Bags or Mash?). She is a taste of home, but does she fit into the life that Bash has managed to gain throughout the first season?

Oh, and I did manage to ask about those phone calls to the friend out in Syria. Bash will continue to offer medical advice and support via video call and others will be involved.

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What do you hope to see on Transplant Season 2? Share your top questions and thoughts ahead of the premiere.

Transplant Season 2 premieres on Sunday, March 6 at 10/9c on NBC.