The Adam Project is a heartfelt journey that packs a punch

The Adam Project (L to R) Zoe Saldana as Laura and Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam. Cr. Doane Gregory/Netflix © 2021
The Adam Project (L to R) Zoe Saldana as Laura and Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam. Cr. Doane Gregory/Netflix © 2021 /

One of the biggest movies of the first quarter of the year for Netflix is coming out Friday in The Adam Project. Today, I share my review of the film and let you know whether or not you should check it out when it releases.

It was brilliantly laid out how we got our first introduction between Young Adam and Big Adam. Of course, we already know that they are one in the same but how they were capable of revealing it was unique, funny, and charming. The banter between the two (Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell) sets a fun tone to start the film.

My biggest concern about any Ryan Reynolds movie is that he has become one with his role as Deadpool in every part. Pre-Deadpool Reynolds was very talented in several different roles. Finally, we see shades of that old Reynolds throughout this film which was a nice reminder that he is much bigger than that superhero role.

The Adam Project packs an unexpected punch of emotions

The writing of the film was probably its most impressive feat. The film was much deeper than I expected it to be. You have that comedy on the surface, but you find yourself more and more emotionally attached to this story as it progresses. Each of these acts is filled with so much heart that you can’t help but do a little self-reflection. I loved every layer of this story.

Walker Scobell steals the show throughout this film and stood toe-to-toe with the likes of Jennifer Garner, Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo. The part required so much depth from having some comedic timing while also having some profound moments and he stood out in a big way.

The third act brings all the pieces together in a beautiful way with action, laughs and even a heartfelt moment that makes you reach for the tissues. I am shocked, floored, and blown away by how good this movie is.

The Adam Project drops on Netflix on Friday March 11, 2021. 

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