When will the NCIS Season 19 finale air on television?

We’re just one month away from our favorite shows going on summer break. What? How is this possible?

We’ve been having so much fun watching our favorite shows. It’s hard to believe that soon enough we’ll have to suffer through another summer without new episodes.

Nonetheless, we still have a bit of time before the finales of shows like NCIS air. The season 19 finale isn’t exactly around the corner yet, so when will NCIS season 19 finish up?

Find out the NCIS season 19 finale airdate here!

When can fans expect the NCIS season 19 finale to air?

The show will conclude season 19 on Monday, May 23 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. There are still no details on how the season will end, but we’ll be watching closely for any news.

You can catch up on the remaining episodes of the series on Paramount+, the streaming arm of CBS and where you can rewatch NCIS season 19 during the summer.

Speaking of episodes, there won’t be a new one until April 18. The episode is titled “Last Dance.” We’re looking forward to seeing what is going on with our favorite agents.

Has NCIS been renewed for season 20?

Luckily, NCIS Season 20 will be happening! Fans won’t have to say goodbye to agents McGee, Parker, Torres, and Knight for good. In fact, the entire NCIS lineup has been renewed for all three shows.

So far, we know that all cast members are expected to return for the next season. It’s unknown if we will see Mark Harmon make an appearance as Agent Gibbs

NCIS season 19, episode 17 “Starting Over” saw the return of Tobias Fornell, who helped a grieving father. Tobias’ connection to Gibbs could lead to an appearance for the agent. We hope to see him next season. Harmon is still an executive producer on the show so anything is possible!

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