The Northman movie review: The Northman is Robert Eggers best movie to date

The Northman from Focus Features, image credit Focus Features
The Northman from Focus Features, image credit Focus Features /

Robert Eggers’s latest film is coming out in theaters this Friday in The Northman. We let you know whether or not you should check it out in theaters.

Eggers has a particular style that is an acquired taste for most. I wasn’t a fan of his previous outing in The Lighthouse and I was hoping to see something a little different from him. The Northman follows Amleth, seeking revenge after watching his uncle brutally murder his father. For over two decades, he fights back into the scene to save his mother and avenge his father’s death.

The Northman is Robert Eggers best movie to date

When the movie started, I was a little nervous because the film started very Eggers-like. Again, people love his style, but Eggers is a weird dude. However, after we get through the opening sequence and when we first meet the older gritter, Amleth (Alexander Skarsgard), things start to pick up. Skarsgard is that guy who always delivers, but I’ve wanted to see something big from him that blows me away and his performance in The Northman did just that.

Skarsgard gives not only his career performance but also one of my favorite performances of the year. You have a man slaving away for the man who killed his father and he is just so powerful in those subtle moments where he doesn’t say much. He also delivered in the fierce fight sequences that were so badass and gruesome.

We all know that Nicole Kidman is one of the best working actresses (I still love her regardless of Being the Ricardos). Although her role in this film is small, she delivers one of the best monologues of the year. I don’t see how anyone will convince me that she won’t be on my personal top five supporting actresses at the end of the year.

Technically speaking, The Northman delivers a powerful score by composers Robin Carolan and Sebastian Gainsborough that sets the film on fire from start to finish. The film is visually stunning and lets the places around them become a character of their own. I was in awe of everyone’s work here.

Overall, the movie is a story of revenge that isn’t told in your prototypical way. Instead, Eggers delivers with a knock-out script that isn’t perfect, but it’s damn near close. The biggest question is, should you check it out? Eggers’s work isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. If you have enjoyed his previous work, you will like this, if you haven’t, wait till it hits digital/VOD.

The Northman hits theater on April 22, 2022.

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