Heartstopper age rating: Is the new Netflix show kid-friendly?

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Heartstopper, a teen drama set to become the latest obsession of romance lovers on Netflix, premieres Friday, April 22. The series, based on the graphic novel by Alice Oseman (who also wrote the live-action adaptation), follows Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson.

The two boys are sat together in form and, on paper, seem to be polar opposites. Charlie is quiet, sticks to himself outside of his friend group due to the bullying he endured the previous year, and is into the arts. He can usually be found in the art room or playing the drums in the music room.

In contrast, Nick is a golden boy. He’s popular, described as the rugby king, and is solid in maths. He’s also pretty outgoing compared to Charlie and more open with his feelings. Still, the two vibe immediately. There’s a lightness and cuteness to their interactions that’ll quickly win viewers over.

In fact, Heartstopper is so wholesome that it’ll likely leave subscribers questioning why the series is rated TV-14 especially since it seems to fit squarely into the “clean teen” category Netflix has been cultivating for its younger audience.

Fortunately, we have answers for you. Here’s what we know!

Why is Heartstopper rated TV-14 on Netflix?

While Heartstopper will appeal to tweens, younger teens, and older audiences, which is what Netflix hopes for it’s clean teen content, that doesn’t mean those shows and movies with always escape PG-13 and TV-14 ratings. Largely, this has to do with thematic elements.

Some of them are typical like partying, profanity, coming-of-age discussions about sex, intimacy, etc. In Heartstopper‘s case it’s due to language such as the use of a gay slur as well as bullying, homophobia, and an on-screen assault that’s not graphic but does, of course, affect the characters going forward.

However, none of what’s detailed above precludes older kids from watching the show. If a child was fine watching the To All the Boys trilogy then they’ll be fine watching Heartstopper.

Just like the film series about Lara Jean and Peter’s love story, Charlie and Nick’s deals with ups and downs. Theirs just has the added element of figuring out one’s sexuality. But, it’s still just as fluffy, swoony, and endearing. You’ll be cheering these boys on, sympathizing with their situations, wanting what’s best for them, and hoping their connection can stand what’s ever thrown at them.

So, if all of this sounds appealing to you, Heartstopper premieres all eight of its episodes on Friday, April 22. Coming in at 30 or so minutes per episode, this is definitely a series that can be watched in a single sitting. Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more Netflix news and coverage!

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