To Skip or not to Skip: Is Preaching Evil on Peacock worth watching?

Preaching Evil on Peacock,image courtesy Peacock
Preaching Evil on Peacock,image courtesy Peacock /

Preaching Evil: A Wife on the Run with Warren Jeffs premieres on Peacock on April 26. It’s a docuseries mostly told by one of Warren Jeffs’ former wive’s, Naomie Jessop. Preaching Evil shares the story of the rise and fall of polygamist cult leader Warren Jeffs. Not sure if you want to watch it? We share our thoughts!

Hidden Remote got to screen Preaching Evil: A Wife on the Run with Warren Jeffs early and we couldn’t wait to get started on it. Crime documentaries and docuseries is our favorite genre here. If you agree, you will likely enjoy Peacock‘s Preaching Evil, but if docuseries aren’t really your thing or you are just picky when it comes to the genre, here’s what to expect, what we love, and what we didn’t.

Is Preaching Evil on Peacock worth watching?

As a fan of docuseries, especially when a true crime story is the focus, I wasn’t going to turn down Preaching Evil. The 4-episode series is told mostly through the perspective of Naomie Jessop, Warren Jeffs’ favorite wife. Also featured in the story, is Vicki Thompson, another wife of Warren, and Vicki and Warren’s two children, Wendell and Sarah. We will also see testimonies from law enforcement who worked on the case and more.

Of all the true crime docs I have seen, Preaching Evil is one of the most shocking stories I have ever heard of. Not only is it maddening to learn just for how long Warren Jeff got away with his crimes, but the power he had over his community (aka cult), it’s mind-blowing. By the end of the 4-part docuseries, I didn’t know whether Naomie Jessop is a victim of master manipulation and brain washing by Warren Jeff or a villain. Let me know your thoughts!

Watch the trailer here:

All four episodes are available to stream on Peacock on Tuesday, April 26. 

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