Survivor 42 episode 10 “Do or Die” twist leads to ultimate sportsmanship

Survivor 42 episode 10 brought back another twist from last season and the good sportsmanship continues to stands tall. In a dramatically epic tribal council, contestants had to navigate a “Do or Die” twist where the first person out in the individual immunity challenge would face a game of chance to determine their fate in the game.

After last week’s episode highlighted two players, one winning a pair of challenges and one playing with a crafty social game, this week saw an incredibly unique ending. The episode started with the realization of the “Do or Die” twist, which meant players could or could not be safe if they’re the first person eliminated from the immunity challenge. First, everyone had to decide if they were going to compete. If you don’t compete, you don’t have to risk doing or dying, but if you do compete and you’re the first one out, your luck is left to a one-in-three guess.

After Lindsay Dolashewich and Jonathan Young were the only ones who chose to compete, a grueling competition followed. Both competitors had to stand with their heels on a narrow perch, while reaching behind their shoulders to hold onto a bar. Viewers watched as Lindsay and Jonathan adjusted their feet, while their bodies began to shake from the strain. It was brutal to watch and one dropped right before the other.

Unfortunately, Lindsay drew the unfortunate rock of falling off the platform first, while Jonathan appeared to drop immediately after her. In the game of Survivor, being voted off is a tradition in the game. Having a twist introduced during season 41 led to that common thread changing. At tribal council, Lindsay was presented with three closed boxes; one with a symbol of fire and two with an image of a skull hidden inside. Since “fire represents your life,” Lindsay has a one-in-three chance to save herself with picking the correct box.

Survivor 42 episode 10 gives fans a game-saving moment and ultimate sportsmanship

The “Do or Die” challenge gives players a chance to pick a box. Then, host Jeff Probst opens another box revealing a skull. Lindsay is then given the chance to switch boxes if she wants. Earlier in the episode, Lindsay discussed how she went against her gut to compete for individual immunity because of her competitive nature. She then revealed to Probst she had her initial “gut” pick and a backup pick when choosing boxes.

Jeff asks what she wants to do and Lindsay reveals that her backup pick was the revealed box with a skull inside. She decides to stick with her initial pick, and once again like last season, the player sticks with their initial pick and reveals fire and safety. Survivor 42 episode 10 produced a worldwide sigh of relief from every viewer as we realized a player wouldn’t be voted out from a twist. It was such an incredible scene and then the contestants had to turn around and vote.

Despite not knowing if Lindsay would go home or not, Drea Wheeler and Mike Turner become the alternate votes if a vote did take place. With Lindsay safe, Drea decides to pull one of her many tricks up her sleeve and attempt to steal Mike’s hidden immunity idol with an advantage she earned earlier in the season. Unfortunately for Drea, she shared this idol-stealing information with Omar Zaheer, and once again, Omar plays the role of puppet master once again.

Drea asks Mike if he has an idol and he responds, “No.” Omar filled in Mike on her advantage, which led Mike to give Omar his idol. If he doesn’t have the idol, he doesn’t have to give it to Drea. Will Omar give the idol back to Mike next week? While that’s not clear, it was definitely certain Drea was not stealing an idol and she was also left open to being voted out.

After the votes were read, Drea was voted off. She played an incredible game this season and her exit is just a glimpse into what an incredible person she is in and out of the game of Survivor. After being voted out, she was playfully bantering back-and-forth with Mike and it was a wonderful sight to see. No vindictiveness or mean words. She processed the entire situation gracefully and left everyone, including Jeff Probst and the audience, with a big smile.

Any fan will appreciate Survivor 42 episode 10 as it continues to highlight the best this show has to offer. The good sportsmanship and bonds formed throughout do not have to be diminished in such a cutthroat game. If this season is proof of anything, there are several good reasons to bring back members of this cast for a returning season.

What did you think of Survivor 42 episode 10’s twist and the dramatic ending? Do you love this season’s cast and is this season’s sportsmanship reason to bring back many of its castaways? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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