Survivor season 42 episode 9 power rankings

Survivor season 42 is starting to wind down to the end game. That means exciting, blindsiding, big shifts are sure to come as well as advantages that hold a ton of game-changing power. Week 9 brought a somewhat surprising vote that saw Hai Giang ousted from the game.

Of course, the signs have been there. Sure, we skipped over them a bit, but we’ll get into that below. That said, everything is in flux at this point.

Depending on which advantage is played when and who wins immunity, just about anything could happen. We’ve done our best to put together a new set of power rankings, but we’ll probably be wrong again.

Survivor season 42 episode 9 power rankings

Out) Hai Giang (Last: 2) – Should we have seen this coming? Possibly. After all, Hai seemingly went against his biggest ally in Mike Turner last week to get out Rocksroy Bailey. We assumed Mike wouldn’t care too much but an expert earworm from Omar Zaheer was Hai’s downfall. We also can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if Jonathan Young had won immunity. Without safety, Jonathan had to be willing to turn on anyone, giving Hai almost no real chance to maneuver.

7) Romeo Escobar (Last: 8) – Romeo has seemingly slid into Rocksroy’s position of feeling like the season’s goat. He hasn’t led any real strategy the last few weeks and it’s hard to see a winning path. He could turn it around, but it seems like third place is his current best hope.

6) Jonathan Young (Last: 6) – Jonathan always has to win immunity these next few weeks to make it to finale night. He’s just so incredibly strong physically that he can’t hide from anyone. Of course, if anyone can pull it off, it’s him. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Jonathan string off three immunity wins in a row, win a fire-making challenge, and take this thing home.

5) Mike Turner (Last: 3) – Mike is in a weird spot because his idol isn’t really that powerful at this point. At least for him. Drea Wheeler knows he has it and can easily steal it with her “Knowledge is Power” advantage. Plus, he’s proven to be relatively easy to sway with lies when he flipped on Hai last week. Mike also might be the most likeable person on the island, making him someone players won’t want to take to the end.

4) Maryanne Oketch (Last: 7) – Maryanne got her idol back, giving her a ton of power this late in the game. She needs to lie low for a vote or two and then make a big move to take control heading into the finale. She still might struggle to be seen as someone who was making moves, but a path to the end has opened up for her.

3) Drea Wheeler (Last: 5) – Drea is quietly sauntering along with several advantages still in her pocket. We think she’ll probably be targeted by players like Jonathan and Omar over the next few weeks, but if she’s able to play her cards right, she has a shot to win this thing. If she plays her advantages correctly, this game seems like it’s hers to lose.

2) Lindsay Dolashewich (Last: 4) – Lindsay has slowly been moving up our power rankings over the last few weeks. Her under-the-radar game is very reminiscent of Erika Casupanan’s winning game from season 41. She also has good ties with just about anyone and is connected to Drea via their shared advantage. Maybe her best trait is that it’s almost impossible to see anyone targeting her as we head into Week 10.

1) Omar Zaheer (Last: 1) – It’s pretty clear at this point that Omar is playing the best game right now. The question is if he can continue to do so and not be voted out before Final Tribal Council. Our gut says someone is going to turn on him, but it’s hard to argue that Omar isn’t in the driver’s seat heading into the final 7. He might be peaking too early, but it’s tough to bet against him right now given his strategic mastery and excellent social game.