Survivor season 42 episode 10 power rankings

Survivor Season 42 is coming down to the wire. Last week we saw yet another epic blindside when Drea Wheeler went home. With only six players left in the game, things are only going to get spicier from here on out. Let’s take a look at where everyone currently sits heading into Week 10.

Survivor season 42 week 10 power rankings

Out) Drea Wheeler (Last: 3) – Drea’s overwhelming power finally caught up to her. Truly, her only mistake was trusting Omar Zaheer enough to tell him about her Knowledge is Power advantage, but just about everyone is making the mistake of trusting Omar this year, so it’s hard to blame her. Drea played an excellent game and had a real shot at winning, so it stinks to see her go, but she certainly has the potential to play another season someday.

6) Romeo Escobar (Last: 7) – Is Romeo going home this week? Probably not, but we really can’t see a path for him to win this game unless something really changes. For now, he’s firmly in the goat position, which means he could easily make the final tribal council, but probably isn’t getting any votes.

5) Maryanne Oketch (Last: 4) – We might be underselling Maryanne’s chances at this point given her charisma. That said, she hasn’t been shown leading much strategy this season, which hurts her chances of winning. It’s easy to see her sitting in front of the jury at the end, but her argument could lack substance if she doesn’t make a big move or two.

4) Mike Turner (Last: 5) – We’re bumping Mike up slightly because he kept his idol. Granted, that didn’t have much to do with him, but he’s still in the game and still very likable. That’s a great trait to have if you can make it to the end. It’s easy to see him swaying the jury to his side if he can get there.

3) Jonathan Young (Last: 6) – Jonathan has a tough path to the end, but it gets much easier with every week he survives. Lindsay appears to be his only physical rival, so he should be the favorite to win most of the challenges going forward. If he pulls that off, he might have a chance to win. His biggest problem is how bad he is strategically. He needs a move or two to call his own to overtake the frontrunners.

2) Lindsay Dolashewich (Last:2) –  We love Lindsay’s positioning right now. She probably needs at least one more big move before we get to the end, but she’s played a great all-around game this season. Obviously, it’d be great if she could get Omar out, but even with him in the game, we think she has a shot to win. It just depends on what the jury values in a winner and how visible Omar’s game has been to the rest of the players.

1) Omar Zaheer (Last: 1) –  As mentioned, Omar’s game seems very under the radar at this point. That’s great for keeping him in the game, but some players might miss out on all of the great moves he’s making. If he can articulate it well at the end, it won’t really matter, but there’s a chance Omar’s game is passed over for someone else who’s been more upfront about how they’re playing. Of course, he has to get to the end first and doesn’t have much protecting him at this point. Omar is our current pick to win, but things change quickly in Survivor.