Will there be a Season 3 of Transplant?

NBC is currently taking a break from new episodes of Transplant. Is this a bad sign for the future of the series? Will Season 3 of the series happen?

There are plenty of medical dramas on TV right now. Transplant offers something a little to the rest of the dramas out there. For one, it’s Canadian, which brings different topics up that don’t include patients having to worry about the high costs of medical treatments if they don’t have private insurance.

Another important element to it is the focus on the Syrian refugee crisis. The lead character, Bash, is a Syrian refugee who is trying to make it as a doctor in Canada. There are a lot of problems standing in his way, the main one being the lack of transcripts from his home country due to the situation.

We then get to know the other doctors and nurses at York Memorial Hospital. Season 2 certainly takes us on a journey, and now we need to know if the third season is happening.

Is Transplant Season 3 happening on NBC?

There is a little bit of good news. CTV has renewed the series for a third season. That news arrived in early 2022.

This was just the first hurdle to get over. NBC doesn’t have a say over the production of the series. NBC only acquired it from the Canadian broadcaster, so it was up to the Canadians over whether to renew it or not.

Now that hurdle is over, it’s time to focus on the next. Will NBC acquire the third season from the Canadians? This isn’t easy to say jutt yet, but it’s likely to happen.

While the ratings for the second season are down, there are a lot of factors to consider about this. First of all, the show moved from a popular Tuesday night to a more competitive Sunday night. It also moved from the fall to the spring, and there’s been a month-long break thrown into the mix.

Transplant returns with new episodes in June on NBC. Episodes are available to stream on Peacock.