Fire Island movie review: A romcom we can all get behind

Fire Island on Hulu, image courtesy Searchlight Pictures
Fire Island on Hulu, image courtesy Searchlight Pictures /

One of the things I love about streaming platforms is the wide range of movies that are getting released by diverse groups of individuals. Today, I review the upcoming Hulu movie, Fire Island and let you know if it is worth checking out.

Fire Island follows a group of queer best friends who head for their annual vacation at Fire Island Pines but a series of events happen that puts not just the vacation but their friendships at risk. The film stars Joel Kim Booster, Conrad Ricamora, and Bowen Yang and was directed by Andrew Ahn.

Joel Kim Booster, who wrote the film (also stars), delightfully lays out this funny, charming rom-com that has so much heart in it. I criticize many movies because they either force the comedy or force the drama but never are good enough to put the two together. What impressed me the most about the script was Booster’s ability to brilliantly blend the drama and comedy.

With every great script, a director needs to bring it to life and that is precisely what director Andrew Ahn did. Ahn so many times uses this beautiful set location to his advantage to enrich this story. I was in awe by several sequences that unfolded because of Ahn’s work. He also got the best out of the cast within each film frame.

Actor Bowen Yang is the MVP in Fire Island

Speaking of the cast, I could talk about top to bottom how each of them brought something to the table to bring this story to life. However, the MVP of this film was Bowen Yang, who I would expect, after many studios watch Fire Island, will have quite a few jobs lined up for him. Yang played Howie, who had the most in-depth story arc that connects you to the film and he played it with precise perfection.

It is nice to see stories about this community that isn’t stereotyped by the writer, director, or Hollywood. I am sure, so many individuals will watch this movie and feel included in this space as they should.

Overall, Fire Island is one of my favorite romcoms of the year. It has the perfect blend of great comedy, drama, performances and a love story we can all fall in love with. I highly recommend checking this one out when it comes out.

Fire Island hits Hulu on Friday, June 3, 2022.

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