New Prime Video shows and movies: What’s new on Prime Video in June 2022?

The Boys -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Boys -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

The end of May is upon us, as such everyone’s crawling the Internet to see what they can add to their watch lists for June. What new Prime Video shows and movies are available to subscribers? Well, the highly anticipated third season of The Boys will be making its land.

Season 3 will see Jensen Ackles make his debut on the show as Soldier Boy. The actor has his hands in more than a few pots when it comes to television. Besides The Boys, Ackles has been tapped as a series regular in the upcoming third season of ABC’s Big Sky. And, he’ll be reprising his roles as Dean Winchester (in the capacity of a narrator), for his Supernatural spin-off, The Winchesters. The series–executive produced by the actor, Danneel Ackles, and Robbie Thompson–will premiere on The CW in the fall.

Speaking of beloved properties, Jenny Han has another coming-of-age story coming to streaming. No, it’s not XO, Kitty. The To All the Boys spin-off focused on Lara Jean’s sister will be a Netflix original series. The project dropping on Prime Video is actually set in another one of Han’s book universes–The Summer I Turned Pretty. Romance sits at the heart of the main character Belly’s story, but the series is also about family and the thrill of summer.

There are no new Prime Video original movies coming to the streamer in June, but there are six new shows subscribers should have on their radar. Here’s the full list of what’s coming!

What’s new on Prime Video in June 2022?

The Boys — Courtesy of Prime Video
The Boys — Courtesy of Prime Video /

The Boys season 3

Premiere date: Friday, June 3

The last year has been calm which means The Boys are itching for a fight. Sure, it’s great that Homelander has been put in time out, but Butcher’s government leash is starting to chafe. And, Hughie may be in charge of supervising him but the both of them want to break some bones and spill some blood. When The Boys catch word of an Anti-Supe weapon, it’s time to crack their knuckles and get to work. Their mission, however, will see them getting into it with the Seven, starting a war, and chasing after Soldier Boy, the legendary first Superhero.

Backstage with Katherine Ryan

Premiere date: Thursday, June 9

In this British series, Katherine Ryan takes an in-depth look at stand-up comedy in a live experience that is like nothing else. Blending comedic stage craft with behind-the-scenes footage, Ryan is set to bring the biggest and freshest acts to London’s Roundhouse for a gig and hang out backstage.

Fairfax season 2

Premiere date: Friday, June 10

Season 2 will reunite viewers with this gang of middle school students trying to figure themselves out as well as find ways to fit in and times to stand out. This misadventure filled animated series is all about coming-of-age in the modern era. Growing up is a timeless struggle but, in this show, there are some things that are a little out of this world. For instance, one of the gang is working up the courage to kiss their crush who could possibly be an A.I.!

The Summer I Turned Pretty

Premiere date: Friday, June 17

Based on the book of the same name by Jenny Han, this Prime Video teen series follows a girl named Belly who finds herself in the middle of a love triangle between two brothers. Said siblings happen to be her friends and have been for years. The thing is, Belly’s starting to come into her own in both confidence and looks. Coming-of-age for her means evolving dynamics with the people she loves and the first throes of love and heartbreak, all with the backdrop of summer.

The Lake season 1

Premiere date: Friday, June 17

Justin is in the aftermath of a break-up. He had been living overseas with his partner, but the relationship ended, and now he’s working on picking up the pieces of his life. The one bright spot is his daughter, Billie. He’d given her up for adoption when he was a teenager, but he’d like to reconnect with her, so he takes this city girl to the lake from his childhood. The idyllic experience, however, doesn’t go as planned. Turns out Justin’s dad left the family cottage to Maisy-May, Justin’s perfect stepsister. Cue drama.


Premiere date: Friday, June 24

Becky Green has been obsessed with her childhood friend Chloe Fairbourne for awhile. Social media has enabled her to peek into every aspect of Chloe’s life that she posts…and Chloe posts a lot. To the Internet, the woman’s life is perfect. She’s a mother and wife with a friend group she’s close to and a life that anyone would want. Or at least that’s what Becky thinks.

After Chloe dies, and her steady stream of content goes with her, Becky takes it upon herself to investigate. Adopting a false identity, she’s working to get to the bottom of what happened to Chloe. But, the more time she spends with Chloe’s tight-knit crew, the more Becky begins to question everything she knew about the woman she’d been stalking.

At Home with the Gils season 1

Premiere date: Friday, June 24

The Gils are one of the most famous musical families in Brazil. When this series begins, they’re in the process of creating a concert that will see all generations of the famous family on one stage for the first time. The countryside of Rio de Janeiro is home base for the Gils as they plan this unprecedented concert. At Home with the Gils will give viewers access to the family’s daily lives, a never before seen interaction between them, and Gilberto Gil’s storied 80 years of life.

The docuseries will also cover topics such as the diversity of the Gil family, how Afro culture has shaped Brazilian society, racism in the beloved country, and more. Of course, you can’t have a series about the Gils without music, so At Home with the Gils will be packed with songs, each one marking a generation’s influence on Brazilian culture.

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