The Flight Attendant season 3 probably won’t happen (for now)

The Flight Attendant season 2 on HBO Max, Kaley Cuoco
The Flight Attendant season 2 on HBO Max, Kaley Cuoco /

The Flight Attendant‘s renewal status is in question as leading lady and executive producer on the series, Kaley Cuoco, isn’t up for another season. At least for the time being.

The season 2 finale of the popular HBO Max series dropped on the streaming service on May 26. The second season overall gives the audience everything they’re looking for – comedy, mystery, and a genuine story about someone’s sobriety journey.

Many fans are already eager for more. And, the first question that comes up whenever a series reaches its finale is whether there’s more story to tell. But a third season for The Flight Attendant may not be happen.

Kaley Cuoco doesn’t want a third The Flight Attendant season (for now)

Right now, Cuoco told PEOPLE there aren’t any plans for a third season. The news outlet reports she feels like two seasons are enough, but at the same time she’s “outnumbered with that thought.” Others on the team have interest in coming back for more. For her though, “at this moment, the plane has landed.”

But the actress isn’t completely closing the door on potentially bringing more of Cassie Bowden’s story to viewers.

"I mean, we’ve done so much this season. Even in the eight episodes, we’ve done so much story that I’m thinking, ‘Well, what could we do next?’ So it’s going to take a lot of thought to make sure if we go back that it’s better than the last two, which is very hard to do."

I would love to have more of the show, but I also don’t blame Cuoco. She’s right. Sometimes series can go on just for the sake of continuing or because they’re popular. But they can reach a point where the story doesn’t make sense, or it feels like it’s being dragged out. It sounds like the actress would rather end at a good place, instead of moving forward without a clear plan. And we can’t begrudge her for that!

The Flight Attendant is based on Chris Bohjalian’s 2018  book of the same name. The novel ends with the events of the first season. The story for the show’s sophomore season was created by the television writers. And, the series was originally intended to be a limited series. Those usually go on for one to two seasons, so there’s that to consider.

If a third season were to happen, Cuoco told PEOPLE she wants to focus more on Cassie’s sobriety journey. There’s certainly more to explore there. That also means the creative team probably has to come up with another mystery to solve in a new international location. After all, that’s one of the most charming aspects of the series!

The Flight Attendant season 2 on HBO Max, Zosia Mamet and Deniz Akdeniz
The Flight Attendant season 2 on HBO Max, Zosia Mamet and Deniz Akdeniz /

The Flight Attendant season 2 came to a satisfying end

The great thing about the way season 2 ended is that there’s a balance of it coming to a satisfying ending, while the story could potentially continue. Cassie is getting the help she needs, is at a much better place with her mom, and will continue working as a badass CIA asset with BFF Shane.

Max and Annie got married (woohoo!) and are starting their own business as private investigators! Megan and her family are in the federal Witness Protection Program, but they’re finally together after a year. Whatever issues Davey and his husband were having seem to have been resolved. And, anyone who needs to be locked up, is thankfully locked up!

So yes, I’m sure fans would love a third season. But if one never takes flight, at least we have the assurance that our favorite show came to a satisfying landing.

Would you like to see a third season? What do you think about the show ending with season 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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