5 must-watch titles on BritBox in June 2022

Grace Season 2 -- courtesy of BritBox
Grace Season 2 -- courtesy of BritBox /

BritBox is the home of all things British, and there are a lot of great shows heading our way this month. Here are the five top titles in June.

Whether you love comedy or drama, BritBox always has us covered. There are some gritty crime dramas, intriguing nature documentaries, outstanding comedies, and much more. This month is very much filled with the same.

It’s all about quality over quantity when it comes to this streaming platform. Sure, it doesn’t have the overwhelming amount of content that Netflix and Hulu do, but it is still packed with content you won’t want to miss.

We’re bringing you the top five picks for the month. The list is in release date order to make scheduling your diary easier.

5 BritBox titles to watch in June 2022

The Barking Murders

If you love Stephen Merchant, you’ll want to check out The Barking Murders. He plays Stephen Port in this series from Jeff Pope and Neil McKay. The three-part drama follows Port as he murders four young gay men in London.

The series follows the investigation to bring justice for the families. We get to see the missed opportunities, a new perspective to the headlines, and the way the victims’ loved ones were affected by the crimes.

Watch the three episodes on Tuesday, June 7.

W1A Seasons 1 to 3

If you need a comedy, then W1A is the series to watch. All three seasons of the show will drop at once, giving you an excellent binge-watch for June. Hugh Bonneville and Jessica Hynes star as Ian Fletcher and Siobhan Sharpe in this fictional look at London’s BBC headquarters.

The London 2012 Olympics is now in the rearview mirror, so Fletcher gets the chance to start the next chapter in his career: he is the Head of Values for the BBC. He needs to define the core purpose of the network, but does his have thoughts “big” enough for the brand?

Watch the episodes on Friday, June 10.


For those who love gritty crime dramas, Redemption is the series to watch. There are six episodes from the producers of The Bay. Paula Malcomson stars as DI Colette Cunningham, a plain-speaking detective on the Serious Crime Squad in Liverpool.

When she gets an unexpected call from Dublin, she ends up going across the waters to Ireland. She’s not really there to get to the bottom of the case, though. She was named next of kin, and the victim is her daughter, Kate, who disappeared 20 years earlier. Colette decides she isn’t going to let this one go, and works with the Garda to get to the bottom of the situation.

Watch the episodes on Tuesday, June 14.


Another great series to check out in the crime area is Silk. This one isn’t as gritty as it focuses more on the legal side of crimes. We follow Martha Costello, a passionate defense barrister who likes to defend the poor and downtrodden.

The series follows the cases that she takes on. It also follows her push to build her career to become a member of the Queen’s Counsel. However, she’s not the only one applying at her chambers.

Watch all 18 episodes on Friday, June 17.

Grace Season 2

Finally, it’s all about the second season of the crime drama Grace. John Simm is back as Roy Grace, in a series based on the Roy Grace books by Peter James.

The season picks up months after the last investigation. The team is still dealing with the fallout from that one, but there’s a new case to solve. Roy needs to prove that a woman has been murdered by a wealthy businessman from Brighton.

Watch the episodes on Tuesday, June 21.

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What are you watching on BritBox in June 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

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