What time is Spy x Family episode 9 coming out?

SPY x Family Episode 8 - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll
SPY x Family Episode 8 - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll /

A new episode of Spy x Family is coming our way very soon, and this very may well be the juiciest episode yet. (Especially for Loid x Yor shippers!)

Not only is episode 9 going to show the lengths Loid and Yor are willing to go to prove that their fake relationship is real, but the new episode will also show us how Anya feels about this new character that is causing quite the stir for everyone. What’s more, we’ll likely get some more information on the politics behind the ongoing tension between Westalis and Ostania.

Are you itching to see what’s to come? Don’t worry, we got you covered as we tell you just when you can expect a new episode of Spy x Family. Check it out below!

Spy x Family episode 9 release time

Your burning questions will be answered soon! Spy x Family episode 9, titled “Show Off How In Love You Are”, is heading your way on Saturday, June 4 at 11:30 a.m. ET/8:30 a.m. PT on Crunchyroll.

Spy x Family episode 8 recap

After witnessing Anya answer a question terribly wrong in math class, we are joined by Loid Forger and his handler, Sylvia Sherwood, who discuss various details about Operation Strix.

Sylvia informs Loid that several eyes are watching his every move, especially the eyes over at Ostania’s Counter-Intelligence Service, an organization currently cracking down on spies in the country. Fortunately, this organization hasn’t been able to pin down Loid, a.k.a. Agent Twilight, just yet. But the same can’t be said for another spy.

The organization’s suspicions led them to Yor’s place of work, where a man named Jim Hayward is believed to be a mole. The police forcibly remove Jim from his office, surprising Yor’s co-workers greatly. However, learning that Yor forgot to tell her little brother Yuri that she’s married was the most shocking thing to Yor’s colleagues. It becomes clear Yor will have to get her story straight to avoid having her brother sniff out that she’s in a fake marriage. After all, he’s definitely a trained individual who knows how to get integral information out of people.

SPY x Family Episode 8 – Photo Credits: Crunchyroll
SPY x Family Episode 8 – Photo Credits: Crunchyroll /

At the State Security Service’s headquarters, Yuri and the rest of the secret police question Jim Hayward. Yuri initially seems to be somewhat friendly to the detainee, but he quickly shows his more ominous, sadistic side when Jim is exposed for his treason and, most importantly, when he speaks about Twilight, the spy Yuri believes is a villain who will bring ruin to the world.

After questioning Jim and beating his face to a pulp, Yuri sets off to meet the Forgers.

Yuri arrives at his older sister’s home with his suspicions on high. On the surface, the home doesn’t raise any red flags, mainly because it’s filled with lovey-dovey decorations of Yor and Loid. But Yuri’s intuition tells him something fishy is going on under the surface.

As they dine over light dinner and wine, Yuri asks the two many pestering questions about their relationship, including how they refer to one another. He learns that the couple calls each other by their first name, causing him to freak out and become super drunk on wine. Shocked by Yuri’s sudden loss of level-headedness, Loid diverts the conversation to avoid any more necessary chaos. Now we see these two skilled government operatives truly sniff one another out.

SPY x Family Episode 8 – Photo Credits: Crunchyroll
SPY x Family Episode 8 – Photo Credits: Crunchyroll /

Yuri tells a story about a place he would love Yor to visit one day. While doing so, Loid quickly notices the inaccuracies of his story and realizes Yuri took a page right out of an Ostanian manual on deception. Fortunately, this was all he needed to confirm that Yuri works for the Counter-Intelligence agency and is an enemy that threatens his mission. But despite his discoveries, Loid cannot retaliate just yet. Not only because he doesn’t have all the facts but also because he’s too preoccupied with appeasing his drunk brother-in-law who still refuses to accept him.

In the midst of going on a tangent about why he believes Loid is a liar, Yuri knocks over a cup. Loid and Yor reach over simultaneously to clean up the mess but jump back when they briefly graze hands. This sudden behavior makes Yuri wonder why the two aren’t physically comfortable with one another even though they’re married and prompts him to ask the two to kiss to prove their love. Although he’s taken aback at first, Loid realizes he’ll have to kiss Yor to avoid being found out. And so, he reaches over, leaning in to place a kiss on Yor’s lips.

SPY x Family Episode 8 – Photo Credits: Crunchyroll
SPY x Family Episode 8 – Photo Credits: Crunchyroll /

Will this kiss happen much to Yuri’s detest and our delight? Only time will tell what lies in store after this cliffhanger!

Don’t forget to catch episode 9 of Spy x Family airing Saturday, June 4, on Crunchyroll and Hulu. Trust us when we say it’s going to be an episode for the books!

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