What time is Spy x Family episode 10 coming out?

Spy x Family Episode 9 Stills - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll
Spy x Family Episode 9 Stills - Photo Credits: Crunchyroll /

Safe to say, the most recent episode of Spy x Family had us all salivating. Audiences were only inches away from receiving this kiss of year, nay, the century. Unfortunately, a certain someone got in the way of Loid and Yor locking lips.

While we aren’t quite ready to forgive this show for teasing us so hard, we got to admit, this was one of the best episodes yet because, in addition to the almost-kiss, we also got to see both Yor and Loid’s characters develop a lot more—something anime-only fans were desperate to see now that we’re this far into the first season.

With only a handful of episodes left to go (and with the married couple starting to grow fonder of each other), we’re sure fans are more excited than ever before to tune in to a new episode. If you feel the same way, read on to learn Spy x Family episode 10’s release time and more.

Spy x Family episode 10 release time

You know the drill! Set your alarm for 11:30 a.m. ET/8:30 a.m. PT on Saturday, June 11, because that’s when episode 10 of Spy x Family titled “The Great Dodgeball Plan” will be released on Crunchyroll!

Spy x Family episode 9 recap

Epsiode 9, called “Show Off How In Love You Are”, began with Loid and Yor, indeed, showing off how in love they are to their special (and annoying) guest, Yuri. However, a kiss is way too difficult for our innocent Yor to do, so she takes a swig of wine to prepare to lock her lips with her husband.

The now-drunk Yor pushes down on Loid to place a kiss, only just a hair away from doing so. Seeing how close the two are from publicly displaying their affection, Yuri finally understands the gravity of the situation, prompting him to storm in the couple’s direction. His sudden move causes him to receive a hard slap from Yor, sending him into the wall.

Spy x Family Episode 9 Stills – Photo Credits: Crunchyroll
Spy x Family Episode 9 Stills – Photo Credits: Crunchyroll /

With blood spilling out of his head and tears flowing out of his eyes, it’s clear Yuri is not yet prepared to see his sister show his affection to someone else. Fortunately, Yor understands his pain and doesn’t hold any resentment toward her brother for his crazed behavior. Her kindness prompts Loid to speak fondly of the sibling’s bond. (Perhaps his relationship with his family is complex.)

Despite such nice words, Yuri still can’t accept Loid and heads out of the house in a rage. Nevertheless, the Forgers are out of the woods…for now.

The next morning the super-adorable Anya is awake and upset that she couldn’t meet her Secret Police uncle. However, her sadness about missing out on all the fun is short-lived once she hears her father’s thoughts of doubt about Yor and her authenticity. Although Anya is deeply troubled by this revelation, she quickly understands she can’t do much. The two adults have to figure it out themselves. But who would’ve thought Loid would go so far as to place a hidden microphone on Yor to sniff her out?

Spy x Family Episode 9 Stills – Photo Credits: Crunchyroll
Spy x Family Episode 9 Stills – Photo Credits: Crunchyroll /

At Yuri’s place of work, Yuri talks to his peer about how his night with his sister went. Naturally, Yuri regrets some of the things that took place, mainly because the ups and downs of the night caused him to forget to wiretap the house. Still, Yuri trusts that Loid is a good guy, so long as he doesn’t make his big sister cry.

At Yor’s place of work, Yor chats with her co-workers about how she can become a good wife. Yor believes since she can’t cook or do other “wifely” duties, she’s a nuisance to Loid. Loid, who is listening in on the conversation from above, doesn’t fall for her self-depreciation because he believes this could just be her way of pulling a fast one on him. His growing suspicions cause him to do the unimaginable—use his disguise skills against her.

Spy x Family Episode 9 Stills – Photo Credits: Crunchyroll
Spy x Family Episode 9 Stills – Photo Credits: Crunchyroll /

After Loid takes on the face of Yuri’s peer from earlier and Franky also changes his face to resemble that of a Secret Police, the two confront Yor in an alley, accusing her of being a conspirator. They tell her she can go scot-free if she mentions Yuri’s position. Fortunately, she refuses to sell her brother and her husband out, threatening to end them if they ever get in the way. With this, the two leave her to go about her day.

Loid feels somewhat guilty about how far he went, hence why he “coincidentally” meets up with Yor to correct his mistake. The first thing Loid does is take the microphone off Yor’s collar. Though this is an act of trust, this causes Yor to sulk even more about what a bad mother she is. Loid quickly comforts her, reassuring her that she’s perfect just the way she is. As a word of thanks, Yor expresses she’s glad she married Loid.

Episode 9 ends with the family celebrating their first wedding anniversary. While we may have our happy ending here, episode 10 looks super intense for Anya.

What will transpire in the upcoming episode? You’ll have to tune in to find out! Catch episode 10 of Spy x Family tomorrow, June 11, on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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