Roswell, New Mexico season 4 episode 2: What happened to Alex?

Roswell, New Mexico  season 4 episode 2 continued with the investigation into the bank robberies and also introduced audiences to the new aliens on the block. Plus, Liz met a new face who was familiar with her former mentor while Alex offered to help Michael find information pertaining to the mysterious events in the sky.

Max continued to figure out his role as the Interim Sheriff, including tackling a press conference thanks to Liz’s helpful notes about the scientific reasoning behind St. Elmo’s Fire. Plus, with the investigation ongoing into the bank robberies, he gets some help from Dallas, who has caught Jenna’s eye.

Dallas notices that in the recent robbery, the two aliens dubbed Bonnie and Clyde had taken the base from the lamp located in the vault. Of course, they don’t know what it’s for, but Max definitely does not like the look of it.

All they know about the robberies are that most of the tellers can’t remember anything that happened. This is further confirmed when an employee at a fast food restaurant can’t remember the individuals who were the reasons he called the police.

Roswell, New Mexico season 4 episode 2 finds someone in danger

The only clues we have so far about Bonnie and Clyde are that they are here to continue with Jones’s contingency plan. Max does come across Clyde and acts like Jones, but it isn’t long before he is discovered. It looks like someone has been wanting to meet him.

Roswell, New Mexico Season 4, Episode 2 also dealt with the tricky aspect of dating a reporter while also hiding a secret. Isobel has a conflict when Anatsa continues to look into the story involving the bank robberies.

After Kyle mentions that Anatsa talked to his patients, Isobel tries to get her to hold off. But Anatsa can tell Isobel knows something. Eventually, Isobel uses her power to convince Anatsa to focus on something else.

Unfortunately, Isobel makes a promise that she isn’t hiding anything. This is something that may ultimately come between them. It’s sad to see how difficult it is for Isobel to lie to someone she loves. She leaves to find Kyle, only to see him on a date.

In the meantime, Liz received a visit from a tech billionaire named Shivani Sen, who is married to Allie Meyer. She gives Liz a locust that appears to have been genetically modified. While dissecting the creature with Michael, the locust’s guts latch onto the console he has been holding onto. Shivani not only gives this lead to Liz, but also becomes someone she can turn to in order to help her not get lost in her work.

Alex is on his way to locate the weather balloons that had disappeared in the wake of the storm. At first, he wants to take the console to Deep Sky, but Michael is hesitant to trust Alex with something this important to him. But when Sanders talks some sense into him, and we love him for it, Michael assures Alex that he knows his home is with Alex and even gives him a piece of alien glass to hold onto while he is away.

Unfortunately, for Alex, he comes into danger on the road. After getting out of his car upon seeing more locusts, he becomes stuck and a woman, Tezca, sends him beneath the Earth. How will Alex’s loved ones know he is missing? We’ll have to wait to find out more!

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