When is Monsters at Work season 2 coming to Disney+?

Disney isn’t known for having solid sequels or prequels. With the creation of Disney+ though, things are changing and it’s most notable with Monsters at Work.

For years, Disney was known for making lackluster sequels to its beloved movies, but Monsters at Work really shifted the tides Not only did the show pick up where the movie left off, but the series also managed to feature new and lovable characters along with the characters we know and love.

While Monsters at Work is not a replacement for the original movie, it’s a good show and one that keeps the heart of the original film. Let’s be honest, it’s also miles better than the prequel, Monsters University. When season 1 wrapped up, it was unclear if the story would continue. Tylor got what he had been hoping for while Mike and Sulley kept their roles, too.

Regardless, season 2 of Monsters at Work is coming but when should you start planning a rewatch of season 1?

When does Season 2 of Monsters at Work premiere on Disney+?

Unfortunately, season 2 of Monsters at Work isn’t coming anytime soon. As evidenced by a tweet posted on the official Disney+ Twitter, we won’t see season 2 until 2023. Basically, we have at least 6 or more months of waiting until we see some new Monsters at Work episodes.

Even though there is no concrete date, it’s nice to know that we’ll be getting a season 2. As previously mentioned, the show left off on a  pretty solid point so another season didn’t seem like it was in the cards.

With season 2 in the works, there are a lot of questions circulating about what the show will cover next, especially with Mike and Sulley. The dynamic duo got out of trouble a handful of times in season 1 and in a broad sense, saved everything. At this point, it’s unclear where their journey will go next unless we see Boo make an appearance.

Either way, season 2 of Monsters at Work is coming but not as soon as you might think. season 1 is good so hopefully, the trend continues. If not, Disney+ has plenty of other sequels and prequels on the way.

Season 1 of Monsters at Work is currently streaming on Disney+. Do you plan on watching the second season? Sound off in the comments.