Jana Schmieding and Kaniehtiio Horn talk Rutherford Falls season 2

When Rutherford Falls hit the scene, critics and fans everywhere loved it. In June, we saw the release of season 2 of the series. We talked to writer and star Jana Schmieding as well as newcomer to the series, Kaniehtiio Horn, about season 2.

While I liked season 1, I thought season 2 raised the bar for this series. I loved the addition of Horn, who absolutely walks right in the door and steals the show with her villain-like performance as Feather Day. I hope her performance in this opens many more doors for her because she deserves it.

Another thing I loved this season was the writing. The team of writers are quick-witted, and in discussing the writing with Jana, most of the things that happen in this show are from their own Indigenous experiences. The show continues to make history by becoming one of the first Indigenous-focused comedy shows on mainstream television. I have no doubt we’re going to see a season 3.

Hidden Remote sat down with Jana Schmieding and Kaniehtiio Horn to talk about their roles in Rutherford Falls season 2.

Check out the video version of the interview here.

Rutherford Falls cast talk about their roles in the latest season.

Jana, how did you approach the role of Reagan in season 2 with a season under your belt?

Jana Schmieding: What I wanted with Reagan in season 2 was to be a little more comedy-forward. We all wanted her to have a little more jokes and see the power shift happen in her character and be a little more empowered and experience success.

Kaniehtiio, what attracted you to the role of Feather Day?

Kaniehtiio Horn: I would’ve taken any role. I was a superfan of the show and what the show was doing in representation in front of and behind the camera. It was in comedy which is why I became an actress. I’ve been doing this for twenty years, and I’m indigenous and should be on the show. The role was so fitting as the villainous, you could say. I had a thrilling time coming onto the set, and everyone was welcome. I felt valued for what I was bringing to the table. It was a nice experience not being the only indigenous person on the set.

Watch the full interview in the video below:

Season 2 of Rutherford Falls is streaming on Peacock now.