Better Call Saul soundtrack: Every song that plays in Better Call Saul season 6 episode 9

Fans have been highly anticipating Better Call Saul season 6 episode 9 for many reasons. Not only has this episode been teased by both the cast and crew, but eagle-eye fans picked up on some interesting details from previous episodes that hint at a major death. We discuss what happened in tonight’s episode in a separate feature, because in this post, we’re keeping things light and only focusing on the songs that played in this episode. Need the Better Call Saul soundtrack? You’ve come to the right place!

Better Call Saul soundtrack for season 6 episode 9

Now, the AMC hit series is not known for its soundtrack featuring popular songs. But make no mistake! The music team does not miss an opportunity to pair the perfect score to the scenes. That said, instead of popular music we all know, Better Call Saul captivates audiences with its original score.

Opening the episode, is the song  “Perfect Day” by Harry Nilsson, and it’s the perfect song (no pun intended) to kick off the episode as we watch Kim and Jimmy go on about their day as normal as possible, which they handle pretty well. When they returned home, they can’t even stand being in their apartment so they pack up and go stay at a hotel.

Apart from “Perfect Day,” the rest of the songs that play in the episode are from the score, Better Call Saul, Vol. 2 (Original Score from the TV Series) which you can find HERE.

There are only four episodes of Better Call Saul left after tonight! Are you ready for the end to arrive? Because we surely are not! Here’s when the final four episodes are coming out:

  • Episode 10 “Nippy,” July 25
  • Episode 11, Aug. 1
  • Episode 12, Aug. 8
  • Episode 13, Aug. 15

As soon as AMC shares episode titles, we’ll update our posts so you don’t miss out! New episodes of Better Call Saul premiere Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on the AMC network and the AMC+ platform.