Nope movie: How to visit the Jupiter’s Claim set from the film


Fans of Jordan Peele’s epic new horror film, Nope, now have an amazing opportunity to travel to the Jupiter’s Claim gold rush theme park from the movie and put themselves in the center of the story. The Jupiter’s Claim set from Nope is joining other famous movie sets at Universal Studios Hollywood, like the plane crash scene in War of the Worlds and Amity Island from Jaws, among many others.

After production on Nope was complete, the actual Jupiter’s Claim set was carefully disassembled and then brought to Universal Studios in Los Angeles. On Universal’s backlot, the set was then reconstructed to be exactly the way it was originally built — and it seems like the UFOs may have come along for the journey too.

Starting July 22, Jupiter’s Claim is ready to welcome Nope fans through its street. Once inside the theme park, you’ll look for The World-Famous Studio Tour attraction and board a tram that takes you through the front lot and back lot of the working studio. After seeing a few other movie sets, your tram driver will now take you to Jupiter’s Claim from Nope just before you drive into The Fast and the Furious experience.

Be on the lookout for a large inflatable Jupe looking over the Western set, along with over a dozen small stuffed aliens, and other props from Nope as you drive down the street. You’ll also be visited by a UFO or two… but there are no actors or practical effects that interact with your journey. Check out a photo from the front of the set below:

Visit the Jupiter’s Claim theme park set from Jordan Peele’s Nope as part of the Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour, included with the price of admission to the park. Guests who book a VIP Tour will also be able to explore the set on foot.