What time is The Rehearsal episode 3 on tonight? (How to watch)

The Rehearsal on HBO and HBO Max, image courtesy Warner Media
The Rehearsal on HBO and HBO Max, image courtesy Warner Media /

Who’s ready for their dose of awkwardness this fine Friday night? For cringe-worthy moments, there’s no better place to turn than Nathan Fielder’s The Rehearsal on the HBO network. What time is The Rehearsal episode 3 on tonight? How can you watch it (is it streaming)? Or, if you’ve been missing out, what is The Rehearsal even about?

If you loved Nathan For You, you have to check out HBO’s The Rehearsal. In the reality-comedy, we see Nathan Fielder finding interesting characters to help out. The objective is to assist these people in making a life-changing decision. In order for this to go flawlessly, Nathan believes rehearsals are necessary — and as many as it takes to get it right! In this series, Nathan has unlimited resources.

What is The Rehearsal episode 3 about?

Episode 3 of The Rehearsal is titled “Gold Digger,” and just as the title suggests, we’ll be meeting Patrick, a man who’s brother believes is dating a gold digger. Because of this, Patrick’s brother refuses to share their inheritance. Additionally, we will continue to see Nathan taking on co-parenting duties.

What time is The Rehearsal episode 3 on tonight? (July 29)

“Gold Digger” will air on the HBO network at 11 p.m. ET. The episode (and all episodes after it) will also be available to stream on the HBO Max platform. Where will you be watching? I always prefer streaming the episode on HBO Max.

After tonight’s episode, there are only three left. That’s right! Sadly, season one of The Rehearsal only features six episodes. Fingers crossed Nathan Fielder’s latest series is renewed for a second season! As soon as we hear any news about it, we’ll update this post! Here’s the schedule and episode titles for the remaining episodes:

  • Episode 3 “Gold Digger,” July 29
  • Episode 4 “The Fielder Method,” Aug. 5
  • Episode 5 “Apocalypto,” Aug. 12
  • Episode 6 “Pretend Daddy,” Aug. 19

All of these episodes will also air (and stream) on HBO and HBO Max Friday nights at 11 p.m. ET.

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