What is horror Spirit Halloween: The Movie about?

Get ready for something spooky this Halloween season. Spirit Halloween: The Movie will make its chilling in just a couple of months!

The new film features Back to the Future actor Christopher Lloyd and She’s All That star Rachel Leigh. Also joining them to round out the cast are Donovan Colan, Dylan Martin Frankel, Jaiden J. Smith, Marissa Reyes, Marla Gibbs, and Brad Carter, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Behind the scenes, Billie Bates wrote the script while David Poag took on director duties. According to Variety, the new horror is Poag’s feature directorial debut.

So when and what can we expect to see?

Spirit Halloween: The Movie release date

You can catch Spirit Halloween: The Movie when it becomes available on-demand starting Tuesday, Oct. 11.

What is Spirit Halloween: The Movie about?

According to Strike Back Studios, a group of friends who think they’ve outgrown trick-or-treating decide to spend the night locked inside a Spirit Halloween store that opened in a deserted strip-mall. But their night of “spook-filled fun” takes a turn. EW reports the store is inhabited by an “angry evil spirit” who possesses everything in the costume-filled shop.

Imagine all the creepy characters it inhabits! The teaser trailer shows lots of yelling, how the characters in the store are possessed, and the work the group of kids goes through to fight them off. Check it out below!

You can immediately tell the tone of the “horror” film is very light. It’s meant to be more of a family-fun Halloween movie than a gory one. Which is completely fine! Not all of the holiday’s films have to be bloody galore. This one is a production kids can enjoy watching too.

The film was produced in partnership with Spirit Halloween, a chain of pop-up stores that open up around the holiday every year. The company finds abandoned retail buildings and come in to sell anything you might be looking for, from costumes to fake blood and all your other Halloween nees!

Spirit Halloween: The Movie will be released on-demand Tuesday, Oct. 11.