What is Apple TV+’s animation movie Luck about?

Apple TV+’s highly-anticipated new animation film, Luck, is finally out now. And believe us, you should definitely check it out!

The streamer partnered with Skydance Animation to create the fun and compelling computer-animated fantasy comedy. We’ve also got a star-studded cast who brought the characters to life.

Eva Noblezada voiced Sam Greenfield, Simon Pegg is lucky black cat Bob, Whoopi Goldberg takes charge as the Captain, Jane Fonda plays The Dragon, and Colin O’Donoghue takes on the role of loyal leprechaun Gerry.

As summer draws to a close, you might be looking for a movie to watch as a family. Well, you’ve found it!

What is Apple TV+’s animation Luck about?

The new movie centers around 18-year-old Sam Greenfield. Despite being the unluckiest person in the world, she is optimistic and cares more about others than herself. The young woman is determined to help her young 5-year-old friend Hazel find her “forever family,” one Sam never found growing up in the foster system.

When she finds, then loses a lucky penny that seems to have come from lucky black cat Bob, she chases after him to find another one for Hazel. And that’s how she finds herself in the never-before seen Land of Luck. It’s a place where no human has ever stepped foot in.

The magical world is where animals and creatures work behind the scenes to create the lucky and unlucky moments that make up our everyday lives. They system works because no person has discovered it. Until now!

Meanwhile Bob needs the lucky Penny Sam lost or he’ll be banished to the Land of Bad Luck. So the two team up to find another. Their quest takes them through every part of the magical Luck world. As they go on their quest, they learn there’s a power even greater than luck. Can you guess what it is?

Luck is now streaming on Apple TV+.