Secret Headquarters movie review: Paramount+ movie is an unexpected good time

We have a brand new kid’s movie dropping on Paramount+ in Secret Headquarters. Today, I review the movie and let you know whether or not it is worth checking out.

Secret Headquarters follows Charlie and his friends who discover the headquarters of the world’s most powerful superhero hidden beneath their home. The film stars Owen Wilson, Walker Scobell and Michael Pena.

Charlie’s father (Owen Wilson) hasn’t been a present dad, causing more and more of a riff between him and his son. One night Charlie (Walker Scobell) reluctantly goes over to his dad’s house to spend the night, but like his dad does every other time, a work call comes up, causing him to leave again. Charlie tells his Dad he called his mom to pick him up and leave him there, leading to Charlie having the house to himself. Instead of calling his mom, he called his best friend, who brought over some girls.

From here, the movie goes about as you expect it would. The kids get into things they’re not supposed to, which causes the bad guys to track down the stuff they’ve been looking for and the superhero needs to attempt to come to save the day. It has many beats this style of film would have, which isn’t terrible.

While not a great movie, Secret Headquarters is very enjoyable

Early this year, we saw Walker Scobell steal the show in Netflix’s The Adam Project. So there isn’t much of a surprise that he was a delightful little lead in this film opposite Owen Wilson. He has this specific little kid charm that makes you laugh, all while thinking he is the most adorable kid on the planet. Speaking of Owen Wilson, I love him and found him fun in this, but my goodness can we get back to the days of The Internship or even this year’s Marry Me? That would be great.

Overall, is Secret Headquarters a great movie? Nah, but is it a kid’s movie that adults can enjoy? Yes. I believe that is a massive plus because we often watch terrible kid’s movies as parents. I did have fun with the movie. So if your kids are looking to watch something this weekend, they will enjoy this one.

Secret Headquarters hits Paramount+ on Friday, Aug. 12.