What is Wolf Pack on Paramount+ about?

Teen Wolf: The Movie has everyone buzzing thanks to the return of fan favorite characters and another adventure with the beloved cast. But that werewolf drama isn’t the only one set to release on Paramount+ from writer and executive producer Jeff Davis.

The mind behind MTV’s Teen Wolf is bringing a new crew of werewolves to the small screen this year in Wolf Pack. Based on the book series of the same name by Edo Van Belkom, the show will follow a teen boy and girl whose lives are turned upside down by a wildfire. The blaze awakens a supernatural creature that begins terrorizing Los Angeles.

Attached to the project are Armani Jackson as Everett, Bella Shepard as Blake, Chloe Rose Robertson as Luna, and Tyler Lawrence Gray as Harlan. The big get for the series is icon Sarah Michelle Gellar who plays Kristin Ramsey, an arson investigator who’s brought in to track down the teenage arsonist who caused the wildfire.

Kristen is an expert in her field. She’s also a woman who understands personal loss which is a characteristic that’s likely to play into the plot of the series. Gellar has signed onto the show as an executive producer as well.

Does Wolf Pack have a release date?

Outside of news that Wolf Pack is expected to premiere later this year, there hasn’t been an announcement about a premiere date for the series on Paramount+. Filming on the show started at the end of June and production is still ongoing in Atlanta, Georgia.

For behind the scenes peeks at the series, check out the cast and crew’s Instagram account. Davis recently posted a picture of director Christian Taylor and the leads of the show have been documenting their filming experience on their accounts, too.

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