David Schwimmer has the perfect response to Jennifer Aniston’s shower pic tease

Former Friends co-stars and on-screen lovers David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston are just as close as ever, and their latest Instagram activity proves it.

The fun and flirty exchange began, as reported by Entertainment Tonight, when the 53-year-old Emmy Award winner took to Instagram to tease an upcoming project coming soon. Aniston posed in the shower, facing away from the camera as water hits her and her hair gets all soapy. She tags her haircare brand LolaVie, meaning this post is likely promoting a new product from her line. Check out her photo here.

“Something’s coming [shower head emoji] 9.8.22,” she wrote in her caption. Aniston’s comments are full of excited fans and friends who are looking forward to whatever she is about to launch.

David Schwimmer pokes fun at Jennifer Aniston on Instagram

Schwimmer clearly took notice to Aniston’s shower photo and decided to respond in a cheeky way, taking to his own Instagram and recreating the post with a twist!

The 55-year-old Emmy Award nominee posed in the shower just like Aniston, but instead of looking glamorous and put-together, Schwimmer puckers up as soap gets in his eyes and probably in his mouth, too. “@jenniferaniston – a towel I hope??” he hilariously responds in his caption. Check out his post:


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Friends fans were quick to flood Schwimmer’s comments on the post, with one writing, “See ? He’s her lobster” and another adding, “STOP I LIVE FOR THESE INTERACTIONS.”

It certainly brings a smile on fans’ faces to see Schwimmer and Aniston still close pals. The actors famously played Ross Geller and Rachel Green, respectively, on the long-running sitcom Friends, and people have rooted for the two to date in real life. It doesn’t seem like they’ll be making their relationship romantic, despite past rumors, but at least we know they’re on great terms.

We’ll wait to see if Aniston responds with another post! Stay tuned.