Will Commander Lawrence remarry in The Handmaid’s Tale?

Commander Lawrence tries to do his own thing, but he’s being forced into a few corners in The Handmaid’s Tale. Will one of those corners be remarrying?

Caution: There are spoilers from The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5, Episode 3 in this post.

What another outstanding episode of The Handmaid’s Tale. June and Luke are searching for a way to get Hannah back, but that’s not going to be easy. She is one heavily guarded young lady, and soon, she will end up being someone’s Wife.

Meanwhile, Commander Lawrence is still trying to do his own thing. While he created the Colonies, he’s not been one to follow other Gilead rules. He is not interested in having children, and it doesn’t seem like he’s all that interested in remarrying. The problem is, he’s going to lose his position of power if he doesn’t remarry soon.

The men of Gilead are interested in repopulating the Earth. This has to be done in wedlock, which means there aren’t positions of power for single men. Commander Lawrence needs to remarry if he wants to stay in a position of power.

Who will Commander Lawrence marry in The Handmaid’s Tale?

What option does Joseph have? Sadly for him, he needs to put his own personal preferences aside if he wants to stay in a position of authority. That means remarrying, even if he isn’t ready for that. One thing I do love about this character is that he truly loved Eleanor, and he is heartbroken that she’s died.

Serena Joy would have been the perfect option, and there was a hint of that suggestion between them. It was unspoken but both are widows. It’s too soon for Serena Joy, though, especially as she’s pregnant. Plus, she’s been kicked out of Gilead again. Sure, the Commanders didn’t put it that way, but it’s clear they don’t want Fred’s widow in Gilead.

Commander Lawrence is sure to get someone important. Is it possible that he’ll choose Hannah as his wife? It seems a little too much of a coincidence that the Commanders want Lawrence to remarry just as Hannah is moving into wearing purple.

This could be a way to protect June’s daughter for as long as he can. The other Commanders may not be happy with that, especially High Commander MacKenzie. They all know Joseph had to have something to do with the children of Gilead getting out, so why would they want Hannah to be in his clutches? Yet, for June, it would set her mind at ease knowing that Commander Lawrence will do what he can to keep Hannah safe.

Who do you think Commander Lawrence will marry in The Handmaid’s Tale? What do you want to see in Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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