Was new judge Camila Cabello a contestant on The Voice?

The Voice judge Camila Cabello proved herself immediately in this season’s premiere episode, and she just continues to be on a roll! The popular Cuban singer has an advantage compared to her fellow judges, and it’s that she’s been through a singing competition series before. But was it on The Voice or another show?

This season, we’ve got returning judges Blake Shelton and John Legend, as well as familiar coach Gwen Stefani. She exited following her win in season 19, and now she’s back! Cabello replaced Kelly Clarkson, which was announced in May 2022. Don’t worry, it’s not a huge deal. Coach switch ups always happen on the singing series.

Cabello has been a popular choice amongst the contestants so far. And that’s probably because she’s been in their shoes. Which singing competition series did she take part in?

Was Camila Cabello a contestant on The Voice?

The singer and songwriter was not a contestant on The Voice. She got her big break thanks to The X-Factor. Cabello auditioned alone in the show’s second season in 2012, but was later put together with four other contestants to form girl group Fifth Harmony.

Though they finished in third place, they went on to find success and became one of the best-selling girl groups. “Boss” and “Worth It” are some familiar tunes you’ll recognize from the talented gals. Cabello ended up leaving the group in 2016 to establish herself as a solo artist.

She may not have been a contestant on The Voice, but that doesn’t mean she never auditioned for it! According to NBC Insider, Cabello did audition for The Voice but ended up choosing The X-Factor for one important reason – One Direction! She told the outlet she wanted to meet the boy band, especially Harry Styles. Her wish did come true as the group performed in the second week of the live shows that season!

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