How to watch Walker Independence live and online

Walker Independence premiered on Thursday, Oct. 6. The prequel series follows Abby, a recently widowed woman in search of justice after watching her husband be murdered right in front of her. Bringing his killer in, however, is going to prove difficult since the man responsible is the newly instated sheriff of Independence, TX.

Viewers can expect a 13 episode first season with the potential for an increase in the series order upon success. Its parent show, Walker, has been confirmed for an 18 episode season 3 run, so Walker Independence‘s episode count could be increased to keep pace. We’ll keep you posted if there’s an update.

If you’re looking to tune into this new series weekly here’s how you can watch it live and online!

How to watch Walker Independence

Walker Independence airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW after new episodes of Walker. If you don’t have access to the channel or can’t watch the show live, it’ll be available to stream next day on and the CW App. The streaming service doesn’t require a log-in, authentication, or a subscription. It’s free to use.

After the season finishes airing, it’ll likely begin streaming on HBO Max. That’s where new CW originals tend to stream including Walker. While there are many CW shows on Netflix, the streamer’s deal with Warner Bros. and CBS Studios expired in 2019. The only new series to recently make its Netflix debut was All American: Homecoming due to its parent show, All American, being on the platform.

Walker Independence‘s streaming release date for a non-CW platform has yet to be announced but viewers can anticipate a 2023 premiere.

Make The CW Spiral your go-to pod for all things CW. This trio of fans will be doing weekly reviews of Walker Independence during its first season run. Check out their WIndy playlist below and subscribe to their Youtube channel for more CW content!

Stay tuned to Hidden Remote for more Walker Independence news and coverage! New episodes of the series air Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Next day streaming is available on and the CW App.